The camera steering issue... Potentially asking for testing

I see this in multiple posts can we compile the arguments in to one report? What are your thoughts?

Mine are I never had an issue with either but I do think special steering mechanisms will always lead others into the idea to think it will give you an advantage over them. Can we re-test again without it a few more times.

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Reply and cross link your topics if they are made in other threads. Things I would like to see is methodology of testing, what parts or builds can be handed out. How can we accurately gauge the speculation.

A lot of people here have convinced themselves that horseshoe builds are the fault of camera steering, and that they don’t work without camera steering.
This isn’t true (as far as I can tell), but people are really convinced of it.

For me, camera steering is the only way my hands can comfortably play strafing parts for extended periods. Traditional steering gives you a lot more control and has a lot of advantages for more competitive players, but is just too hard on my hands
(I’m on console, so traditional steering meant I had to hold down the stick buttons constantly, which is very hard on controllers and on my old man hands).

I think at least part of the anger about camera steering comes from people who played a lot of strafing parts in the past, and who are mad that camera steering has made those parts more accessible to people who didn’t spend years learning how to drive hovers.

I can’t say it isn’t a thing that comes to mind with me either though I think that was more the fault of the Omamori, If your mounting to that as a center point it’s a given to protect it further inside.

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It turns the game into an FPS where the vehicles are fridges on ice skates. I wouldn’t mind camera assisted steering that can steer your build within 5-10 degrees but full blown control has tanked the skill floor. I can see why many people struggle with controls due to having different controls, old hands or carpal tunnel, I think their grievances with controls could be fixed without camera steering.

I think a reasonable compromise right now its to increase bloom on weapons being used with camera steer since the vehicle is doing the aiming more than the weapons.

Did you open a PC account? Cuz people on consoles are not playing with a mouse.

Some are

Playstations mouse isn’t supported anymore, and Xbox hasn’t released one for the last two consoles.

They can still remote play if they really want to cheat

Nope, still only on PS4, why?

Are you saying that camera steering is
more of a problem on PC?

The way I see it, most horseshoe builds have their gun rotation heavily blocked, to the point where they always shoot forwards, no matter what way you aim.

This means that with conventional steering, I would essentially be using my right stick to do most of my aiming and my steering, with left stick just doing fine adjustment of aim and horizontal aiming.
With camera steering, I’m using my right stick for both aiming and steering, which means things are slightly simplified, but doesn’t really change the effectiveness of that type of build.
Camera steering just gives me a more comfortable way of strafing, and a bit more control over strafing. In exchange, I give up a bit of aiming/steering control.

I recognize that it’s a bigger change for PC, as now you guys have an analog input for steering. But regardless, horseshoe builds work with either steering method.

Long before 2.0, many hover and spider builds had their guns buried in the middle with gun barrel rotation intentionally blocked with armour. The big innovation was getting rid of the floor of the build in the middle, so that guns could shoot downwards while reversing, to compensate for the massive amount of rocking and tilting that was introduced with that update. It also provided better options for mounting your guns on omamori.

devs are actively and intentionally turning this into a game for toddlers with each single update

You can use a mouse on seris s and X. It’s a windows based product and includes mouse support for “select” applications. Never found a game it works on yet.

Far more people use it on PC than on the consoles. So yes, its more prevalent and noticed.

I don’t really notice it on xbox. Do on PC.

I’m not sure that is true.
Camera steering seems particularly suited to controllers. I know I wouldn’t use it if I were on PC, as the appeal for me is all about hand comfort. Not an issue with keyboard and mouse.

I play on both platforms. Why would I lie to you about it?
Why even bother to reply and ask if you think I’m lying? If you think I’m such a liar, you should stop interacting with me in anyway, perhaps even block me.


dont be mad, hes just trolling again. he loves doing it sparsely in between being a good canadian buddy.

how, when youve never played crossout on kbm? or have you, guy?

imagine steering and aiming by pointing a mouse vs pointing a mouse + left/right pressing buttons with 0 travel, just on or off. can you tell me which one might be harder?

good job trolling though! they never see it coming because youre usually such a friend, so when you strike it hits real good.

edit. a word

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Ok, I can see now why it would make a bigger positive difference for PC players. I just figured it would be such a big shift from conventional steering that they wouldn’t like it. I didn’t actually realize that other guy played on both Xbox and PC (apologies for not reading more closely).

Anyway, none of this changes what my actual point was: horseshoe builds still work with conventional steering. Long before 2.0, many hovers and spiders boxed in their guns just as much. They just had different layouts, for various reasons that don’t depend on camera steering.

A lot of people didn’t like it and just turned it off originally on PC.

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