The challenge "Give a Liked mark to 3 brawls"

is NOT working for me. I’ve played a half dozen of these, even came in first place once, and second place another time, and I check the “liked” box, but I’m NOT being credited for it. Is anybody else experiencing this?

i liked 3 brawls but i didnt get the notification that i completed the mission. i checked in the missions tab and it wasnt there after 3 so… idk?

It’s Russian, you can only vote for 1 thing or you disappear

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I figured it out, and it is totally stupid.

All you have to do is go into the Game Center and “like” 3 of the missions, but you DON’T DO IT AT THE END OF THE MISSION. You “like” them without playing them; you don’t have to play any of them at all. I assumed you had to play the mission first, then “like” it. :unamused:


which is absolutely stupid:

For the brawl mode you’re playing, you can’t award the brawl with a “like” when it’s on rotation;
While those other brawls you can award a “like”? You can’t try it.

I just “like” the top 3 and finish the task, then “un-like” it. those top 3 don’t deserve the 5k+ likes they got, since I have yet to see any one of them got queued into rotation and I’m not giving likes to brawl modes that I have yet to try.

If the devs want to know how about (insert ) ?
then they should take a look at the forum, we have pools and all.

You can like the brawl that is currently in rotation, but you need to go into the game centre window and find the brawl there. There will be an entry for it at the top where you can only choose to play the brawl, but further down you will find another entry for the same brawl where you can like it.

I am giving all my likes to the races, and especially the races with pre-built cars. Hoping one become permanent.