The Chinese language is missing

I wonder if there will be no Chinese in the future,If yes,I may never play this game again,It’s sad

China have their own version of the game, so technically our game doesn’t exist in China so there’s no need for it… sadly

Our server is empty,So I had to come to the international service,I really like this game,Very sad

I don’t think you understand how the whole thing works.

Corossout in mainland run by Chinese company. In mainland China, you do have to register an account link to a real person’s full id and address. ie , unless you have resident ship in mainland, you can’t play the Chinese crossout.
There are also other Chinese language users which would class out side China. eg, Hong Kong is part of China, but because the 2 systems. Market goods count as outside China as mainland do not TAX goods outside.
Crossout launcher has Chinese(Traditional) which is not what mainland China uses. ie, it is for outside mainland China, Chinese to use.

My computer still at workshop under going repair (4th time)… I can’t test it.

How do you launch your crossout?

  1. crossout is link and launch with Steam
  2. from crossout launcher
    Without my gaming PC I can’t test them. Have you try to repair files first?
    If you have and there is still issue, you will need to do a bug report.

Making topic without reporting it as a bug(if there is a bug), won’t get you anywhere!!

If it is easier, you can write post in Chinese and then use google translate to English and post both here.