The controller club

What controllers do you use? I’ve been playing pc games for 12 years and still use controller, tough habit to break lol.

The only things controller wise that I’ve been looking at is some adapters for vintage controllers for console to PC.

I’m using a anti stick drift controller called the gamesir g7 se, best budget controller ever made. It also got back buttons which i don’t mind for strafing if i don’t have too much going on.

The Joysticks is really accurate, no more drift.

I remember you showing me that one.

Basic PS4 controller.
I tried some low latency 3rd party one recently, but hated how twitchy it felt. Gave it to a step daughter who wanted it for her fighter games.

That’s a new one, battle that i had tonight i just posted it

I meant the controller

Yea the controller I’ve had since January soo 4 months, that’s the one that i replaced my drifty ps5 controller with which i used for 4 years and needs the joycons replaced.

I use a basic Xbox one when I play FH5 and Rocket League

What do you use for crossout? the gamesir g7 is officially licensed for xbox, all the reviewers I’ve watched on youtube rate above everything else in the budget range.

I play Crossout on my console, until they do any cross-save then there’s no point getting it on my PC, but tbh if I did I’d probably just use my controller; 7 years of practice and all.