The Crossout business model

I still think they should look at putting it up on the epic store front they have a relatively small section for f2p games that has fairly prominent placement on the page. It still wouldn’t help them with new player retention though.


They should milk the publicity that the new Mad Max movie is going to generate, run a mirror event, and hype it on Steam and…well, they don’t really have any friends on YouTube anymore, so I guess Steam is all they got going for them.

Only untangling their game architecture would help player retention though, and it looks like they would rather brush it under the rug than sort it out.

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Read a good article today about some of the issues I was trying to bring up in this thread.
Consumers aren’t responding well to the BP business model anymore, but the gaming industry doesn’t have many other ideas yet on how to close the gap between the cost of developing a game and what people are willing to pay for it.
I think it’s anyone’s guess what comes next, but I feel confident saying that the recent wave of big layoffs across the industry isn’t over, and we’re going to continue to see a slow down.

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