The devs have killed the game on xbox

As the headline says, at this moment there is ONLY 105 CLANS ON XBOX. That’s down from about 500 a year ago. I do believe the biggest mistake they made was removing the weekly challenges, then walking it back. Just like these major corporations making bad decisions by going woke and walking it back, ie. Gillette, Budlight etc. But the MAJOR PROBLEM is the movement changes. I truly don’t think the devs tested the bind to turning mechanics on a controller. The fact that we now can’t rebind our buttons with strafe left and strafe right onto separate buttons in enraging. Now those buttons are turning left and turning right and this is a braindead decision. We can use handbrake to turn the build 45°, yes. But because strafe is now bound to the left or right stick no matter what, we can’t angle the opposite way we are strafing and continue moving fluidly. When I watch PC players on YT I see the freedom they have to strafe left WHILE angling 45° to the right and left at will and they don’t lose momentum. This change was the beginning of the end for console. The weekly challenges was the nail in the coffin. And I’m so disheartened because this is a simply quality of life thing that don’t need to be changed. Now on xbox it is so hard to maneuver on spider legs and any other Omni part as well, but spiders suffer the most because they rely on momentum. Please Devs give us back the ability to bind strafe left and strafe right to the Left click and Right click separately again. So many player left to PC or quit because of this simple change. It doesn’t effectthe profits at all, I can’t see why they implemented this change. Sure the bind while turning is simple to pick up but we can’t perform the same maneuvers as PC and the skill ceiling on console is much lower. This is not a good thing, the skill floor being lower is great but lowering the ceiling as well has made everyone go back to fire dogs and again they are dominant because we can’t perform on Omni parts the way PC can. We used to be able to by purchasing a controller with under buttons. That was removed and it seems the devs don’t realize this.


tl;dr: Targem killed their own game

We’re all there. I’m around one month without loging in because of how fucked up this game became. I’m not going to bother trying to guess how they did it. There’s hundred of video games that look better than this burning wreck at the moment, and nobody at Targem has any intention of fixing that, so don’t torture yourself trying to come up with a reason for this fiasco when the ones responsible for it don’t give a fuck.


When I started getting involved in CW over a year ago there was roughly 120-130 active clans, there is still typically 120-130 active clans today. I haven’t seen growth but I haven’t seen decline either. The new clan challenges have reduced the number of overall clans as they would have consolidated to make said challenges easier and to get more done.

Also, I don’t think the binding changes are completely to blame for movement issues, as they specifically nerfed movement, especially strafing and moving up hills. People who have been playing through it basically forgot about it or got used to it so you dont see it mentioned anymore. However a person returning from a long break is up for a rude awakening.


105 clans? there is like over 6000 listed on the pc clan confrontation leaderboards.


There are about 20 less clans than years past but they are more full as people are adjusting to the badge system.

From my end, Crossout is growing slightly in new Clan Wars players as 9K has drawn a lot of players in.

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Crossplay is the only way to recover from my perspective

dear console numbnuts everywhere, please state the name of your mobile platform for otherwise your replies on certain specific topics, i.e. number of active clans, which are platform specific are of no value whatsoever.

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oh please do stick around, youll fit right in. we dont take kindly of the woke in this neck of the woods!

my brothers fiancee who previously dated skula told me the devs plan a great mobile, xbox and ps merger so the controls are getting adjusted step by step until parity.

she said its because the playerbases are very similar and its a bit much for most to turn left while strafing right. basically the same reason why they invented nascar for the north americans.

ps. you see this up there? theyre called paragraphs. its called making a point without a wall of text. you should try it, eh chump?!

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Yeah they’re just rolling out bad decisions one after the other, I don’t think giving the game any kind of staying power is no longer of any importance and they’re just focusing on milking out as much money as they can, for as long as possible, before it dies completely

None of the companies walked it back, they (the propagandists) just told you to move to a different company.

“woke” is a made up political term used to form division when no division exists.

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i dont think so, but lets put it to a test:

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what most people here think:

I don’t like anything that disrupts my routine (change).

MoDeRn ArMy BaD bEcAuSe WoMeN

I am of the opinion: Whatever blows yer dress up as long as you aren’t harming anyone or their property.


Agreed. Though I don’t think it is just here. I have to work to remember disruption often leads to innovation or I fall into the trap.