The devs ruined everything, or did they fix everything?

Personally, I’m loving all the tantrums on the forum about certain builds.
For years I’ve been bored by endless threads complaining about sideways hovers, or dogs, or wedges. With one update, all those metas have been nerfed, and the forum warriors are angrier than ever!

So if the three most “toxic” builds have been addressed, what’s the new toxic meta?

Quick, someone find something new to cry about!

Not only did the meta get shaken up, but most of the underperforming movement parts got significant buffs.

I have no idea what the wasteland will look like in a month, but I’m sure there will be some new villain build taking over.


Ooh, please don’t. I already feel like I’m participating in a zoom call of a daycare who ran late serving the kids lunch


Yeah, the tantrums are so cringe. I often wonder if this is how those people behave in the real world. Could explain why so many young men have no friends.


I wouldn’t be surprised if they did as I’ve seen people behave like that offline!
I feel sorry for retail workers haha


I find it Hilarious too.

The truth is… this update revealed the sore losers of the game. These people don’t like playing, they like winning. They can’t be bothered to try something else. They just want the quickest and easiest wins because they’re too afraid of failure.

These people wanted the builds they hated to get nerfed while the items they use to be untouched.

I especially find the tears of Hover players to be especially delicious. I grew tired of their arrogant and condescending behavior. They had a great opportunity to prove their skill and creativity; but instead, they threw tantrums like the entitled children they are. Hilarious.

A message to anyone new here: Never put all of your eggs in a single basket. Don’t be afraid to fail, PVP matches are quick. And it can be very satisfying to make your own build that performs well.



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The new Meta is the old meta, blue hovers are now better then ever with the speed they can go.

Even with leaning and dipping all over the place you just hit reverse and chew wheel builds to shreds.

It’s funny, because I’m seeing players coming back to the game that where always very toxic when hovers where at their greatest. They left do to past hover changes, but are now back because hovers are OP again. Now they can come back and show off their leet “skills” lol. Pin ball bounce around the map and everyone dies, sounds like skill to me.

I’m not worried about hovers personally. They may be super agile, but they can’t hide their hovers so easily anymore, so they’re easier to take down.
And since I’m not having the driving problems with wheels that others are, I’m not having much trouble chasing them (thanks Kami!).
But yeah, calling this a hover nerf is not accurate. It only seems to be the long narrow sideways builds that are suffering, and I’m fine with that.

Hovers should be the most mobile, but also the easiest to de-mobilize, and that’s how they feel to me right now.