The Devs Want Sound Feedback on FB

I know you kids are too cool for Facebook, but there’s a pretty steady bit of conjecture as to whether or not the devs respond to criticisms & suggestions. For their part, they’re asking for feedback over on FB.


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🔊 [Announcement] Crossout audio novelties

😎 Hello, survivors!

The “Dronapocalypse” update (in addition to small but pleasant improvements, such as new sounds for machine guns and optimization of existing sound effects) includes a full gameplay voiceover for drones in the brawl, as well as a new music track for the login screen. This is the main musical theme of the “Hyperborea” faction, to which the current season “Polar lights” is dedicated.


✏️ This announcement is a great opportunity for you to provide feedback on everything related to sounds in the game, including the new voiceover for drones and the music track for “Hyperborea”. Our sound designers will study your feedback, questions and suggestions.


For my part, these were my comments & suggestions:

The new voice overs are terrific. Myself and 3 of my kids play this game, and when they heard the robot voices, they all came running to see what was up. We’re all loving it.

Also well done are the little details like different types of shell casings making different sounds when they hit the ground. Shotgun shell casings sound different than machine gun shell casings, for example. Great attention to detail!

A suggestion along these lines might be adding sound effects for engines starting at the beginning of a match. I think it’d sound great if all 8 rigs on your team started up simultaneously… maybe with some having a harder time starting than others. The Ghost might sound like a turbine winding up… the Colossus like a huge old diesel. Meanwhile, rigs without engines would have unique sounds for each cab.

I also would like a wider variety of volume controls. It would be nice to be able to turn up the engine independent of the other sounds, for example.

Thanks for listening…

I probably wouldn’t bother answering on there myself though I do occasionally give them a thumbs up. lol…

I don’t really have much issue with the sound though if I were to mention things:

I really wish decor like mufflers/exhaust/superchargers would be taken into consideration and made to effect engine and cab sounds. I mean this in terms of loudness, resonance, and maybe a few other sound qualities. Doing this would let the vehicles have a bit more variations in how they sound.

I saw the tower come down finally during a match but I kind of expected to hear it over the guns and was kind of puzzled by that as thought it would be more cinematic in the soundscape.

As far as the voice overs go I don’t have them on and haven’t in a long time. I pretty much forgot that they existed.

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Mind if I copy & paste that over there? Love the muffler idea.

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Go for it I suggested it a long time ago on the old forum.

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Yeah… good luck with that.

I don’t do social media at all. (And my business makes social ads, lol - it’s a good 25-30% of my annual income)

It’s dudes like me that make social media a place you don’t want to go to, all that stuff is made to program consumers. And weirdly enough, people still think they have a choice. Lol.

Thanks for sharing though.

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If it weren’t for international friends and a couple of very useful local FB pages, I’d have completely ditched it long ago.

It’s kinda sad… when I first got on social media, I was excited that I could more easily keep up with friends who live abroad or even just work opposite shifts. It’s almost useless for that, now.

I follow the CrossOut page obviously… just won another Spring Drone. :grinning:

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Yeah. I don’t use FB. Or Twitter. Or Tiktok or any other that you can name.

I have twitch because I pvp with someone on there. Or I wouldn’t have the twitch duck.

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I don’t blame you.

I got twitch a while back just to participate in a giveaway. I forget which one… Think I got a pink led lamp out of it. I’m endlessly amused that Twitch is even a thing… Like people actually sit and watch other people play video games for hours? That’s a thing? Uhhh… Okay. No judgement. I mean, I used to watch football every Saturday, so I have no room to talk.

When tiktok first was released, I actually warned all of my fellow parents about it. The ad they were running featured what appeared to be a prepubescent girl in rather revealing clothing doing a very sexually seductive dance. Uhhh… Did I just see an advertisement for pedophile trash? Interesting that it’s now supposed to be done Chinese spy app. I don’t have it either…

I’m a sucker for giveaways though. If I ever lose my retirement funds, it’ll probably be because I was trying to win a new duck in crossout. :joy::duck:

Hahaha we old asses will stay stuck in early 2000s forums forever. Never managed to adapt to Facebook, everytime I logged in I had dozens of notifications and instantly logged off lol

I secretely miss games’ walkthrough in PC Gamer and similar mags too :eyes:

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Who you tellin? :rofl:
That was the original walkthrough! I don’t think I’d have ever beaten Metal Gear Solid without the book (I’m 48).

I just want a volume fader in the settings for engine noise. I want my engines louder!

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