The Disadvantage of Dopplers

It makes the bots and bad players on your team rush towards the red arrows without any sense of strategy.
Thus half your team is usually dead in the first 30 seconds.

It would be nice if Targem gave us an option to toggle broadcasting to the team on and off.

Um. That happens even if no one has a doppler.

Remember, just because your goal is winning, others goals may be “get in fast quick games for efficient farming, win or lose”.

They give you a way to toggle off broadcasting, use a dish instead.

And remember, this is precisely the reason why people dont get full rewards when they quit the game early.

who said quit? if you have 1 screen once you re dead you alt tab and put your mouse cursor on XO tray bar icon , gives you a mini screen to see what is the status of the game , and when this mini screen disappears , it s time to get your reward.If you have 2 screens it s more simple.
since there is no scaling in rewards whatsoever :with premium : 40 XP = 16 wires win , 4000 XP : 21 wires . 100 times the xp , 25 % more reward. makes no sense.
Hence 40 xp warriors should be the logical norm. not saying it s fun or moral . just saying it removes all variables such as the usual shitty teammates , the eternally running droner. so if you need ressources for whatever reasons , it s the only way to go.
From tests you will play 15 secs max per game (use helicopter mode , more rewards) , 9 k fast fortune build is a guaranteed 200+ xp in less than 15 secs.
Another added benefit , you can watch videos that could make you smarter if you go to some historical channels on streaming platforms or whatever floats your boat actually.

Why bother grinding if you don’t even like and want to play game? Why waste time like that?

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people waste their time as they see fit. That the beauty of old world idleness luxury.
I will only use that strat if friends are not online. then when they come online we come up with 4/4 sweaty optimized comp. farming salt and hater’s tears, because THIS is the only worthwhile reward of this game.

That is the only gameplay you can afford. Either W-die-repeat or fight plankton dumb enough not to quit. Farming resources to unlock stuff in game you can’t do anything with anyway caught on the grind hook. Even talking about with some sort of pride… some peoples.
:face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

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i totally agree with you. the only thing i disagree with is i have absolutely everything in the game , everything fused except relics. every cab , weapon , module , movement part. so i m essentially playing for the sake of wasting time.

That’s the catch. There is still something to be “improved” holding you.
It’s almost like life was give to you by mistake :neutral_face:
Well at least this days people face existential problems. In USSR or nazi germany they used to feed people false ideas that made them feel they matter and everything they do.

you may have misundersttod , i have the relics, they re just unfused because i still want to keep some floating cash , i m also happy i wasted some of your time. goodbye and have fun.

Or three.

I have nearly everything fused. A few weapons not fused, a fury cabin unfused… etc. But mostly fused. Missing Phoons, Rippers and Helycon.

I never start a game purposefully running in and dying after 40 points. (I do have a YOLO streak though). However, if it is quite apparent my team is losing, I don’t mind dying to something I shouldn’t have.

I never used the word quit. That is your own injection.

it’s weight seems to be the only disadvantage

Dopplers are still wallhacks and need a nerf. Most OP module for the entire game’s history and the entire reason why the devs have this powercreep arms race between doppler, cloak, griffon, oculus, verifier, and the new cloak. One example of Dopplers ruining gameplay is the Spring Mayhem event; there used to be no dopplers at all. You had to use your eyes to spot enemies further away than 50m and they could hide in bushes. Then every build got dopplers and everybody knows too much.

If you got a doppler you can solo multiple enemies with a meta build if they dont have doppler/radios.