The elephant in the room..'Let me talk to ya' 🤗

A well deserved game over for the fuze droner and the hurrican’t :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I guess I have to admit I’ve seen at least one like that recently.

i come across this often in pve. the game just artificially inflates the difficulty to force you to take a loss… or several in a row…
i could pelt the enemy with shots all day, douse them in blighted incinerator fire, fire at them for what seems to be hours and they would kill me so fast it isnt even funny. its like their weapons and armor get boosted to like 10 times their original hp and their damage is tripled or something.
its happened to me before, id be focusing on this one guy and i destroy him but 3/4 of my team is dead and they only lost 1 bot. id throw everything i got at the enemy but they kill me in a few hits. idk what they gain from inflating the difficulty like that.
i dont like using helis either due to the bots insanely hard focus and aggression on them. hell ive seen one team mate getting ganked by like 5 of them chasing him down relentlessly and just chasing him all over the map.
im unsure of what its like in pvp as i havent played it in years… minus when i wanted to do the dronepocalypse.

I think a big part of this problem is the “grouping” mechanic. You get 4 dudes with identical builds and they just gang up.

It certainly ruins my fun.

Just logged on. Got dominated by a team of 3 identical Catalina/Breaker builds and hover scorp, for 4 matches in a row.

Logged off.

FK this game.

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