The elephant in the room..'Let me talk to ya' 🤗

‘when the match starts out strong and half way through your whole team is dead and the other team is still alive’ with maybe 1 person dead…
‘ya…the game cheats’
it’s all the time now,it’s just sad it will never be fun again… :thinking:

‘edit : win or lose,i miss having close matches’ i don’t like slaughters.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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It’s kind of odd when that happens though I don’t think it’s the game cheating. I’m never sure if I should just try to kill them all or if I should just suicide when it happens at first… lol.

i can post these all day…the game cheats us…


the only right answer .

have fun tryin to kill one… :crazy_face:

Sometimes it works out lol:

I don’t have to kill, i only have to try to kill.

Often i can be down but i’m not out. :slight_smile:

To the bitter end.

Even when i’m reduced to a smoking cabin i wont SD cause sometimes a team can win if there’s more builds than the other team…


Me too. I’ve got a ton of’em. It’s not odd at all, to my experience. It’s been the norm lately.

Maybe it’s related to the matchmaker struggling with the low population? IDK, but I do think it happens a lot, and more so lately, than a month ago.

I’ve noticed the lion’s share of active melee builds tends to be on the enemy’s team repeatedly, and if they are grouping up, that could explain it. The melee is a little rich, and maybe OP, which is why they are all using it. It beats most kids routinely, so if I don’t have a team with at least one melee brick, then I expect to see those zeros blanket my score card too.

My team this morning has been pretty good though, and they have seemed keen to spot that melee-brick and give it priority. Maybe us random loners are starting to catch on? IDK. I do know that when we don’t play like a team, we promptly loose like one, fully and completely, and what I see is the melee taking the most wins lately.

The melee is real on both sides of PS 6K, I think. I’m past ready for the devs to reel it in.

The only funkiness that I’ve picked up on is that I’ll often land towards the lower end of the matches PS range if I’m doing really well for a while. Not that the matches have been that far off in PS recently for PVP. The PVE ones seem to be a lot worse with that.

I think more of the recent losses I’ve been seeing are from multi-base caps than the team getting wiped out. However that might just be from the threshold of victory being less then the wipe out. Once a teams ahead 2-3 players they can pretty much start aggressively trying to take those bases in that mode easier than they can be defended.

This kind of games happens because people charge mindless into the oblivion and then they get nuked.

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Ah schit…it wasn’t an elephant in that room. It was my Spider.

I just realized my name is on the enemy roster in the OP’s screenshot.That Synthesis-Spider I was running has been MVPing itself pretty hard for two days. I’ve got a long list of MVP screenshots for that thing too.

I can’t really explain it, and I guess it just pissed on my theory of how all those zeros came to be too. I’m not running in a group.

For whatever reason, I am rocking that bug. It seems to work a lot better than anything else on my farm…good spider. I would buy it a can of paint as a reward, but I think it looks good in the green and gold.


I was going to mention that as a possibility for why the drones aren’t working so good, on that other thread. As a support weapon, maybe you need to have a team to support in order to succeed. People need to play like a team and sort of stick together, and stick up for each other.

I do know what you mean when you say everybody just launches themselves into the jaws of death. One by one, every man for himself gets everybody killed by a team that realizes this is a team sport. It’s a hard game as a lone random.


Full disclosure:
I’ve been getting on some good teams lately, and even though that Spider works pretty good, the random teams I was on today were some of the best I’ve seen. They didn’t leave me stranded when I got flipped, and they always had my back when the melee-bricks laid in on me. That schit helps a lot.

I took a lot of MVPs with that thing today (yesterday too), and I don’t know why it’s running so strong, but I didn’t take them all. There was a good group on line this morning/afternoon…I’ll not have that going to my head, and for the record, MudnBeer has pwnd my ass every other time I’ve ran into him.


DocSavage just rolled all over you, it happens :kissing_heart:

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Is it the 50/50 matchmaker at work?

I do believe it’s because of cloaked rusher builds, if people stay together this won’t happen as much.

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The cloaked rusher that 6 allies turn back to fight and leave two guys to die in under a minute. The cloaked rusher gets away and it is now 6v8 in under 30 seconds, great work team, all 6 were so wise to chase that one guy. Happens all the time.
But, in PVP, many Missions are decided by the bots in under a minute, maybe even 30 seconds. The full human 8v8 is so much better, where the humans decide your fate, not the bots. The game cheats but you lose often enough, and it finally takes pity on you. It targets you when you are close to completing a Challenge like Win Get the Wires 9/10 and you just lose over and over.
Sorry Mudd, I did not realize you were the OP until just now. Duh, me telling you stuff you already know, sorry again.

The other day me and two other guys with strong battle tested builds decided to team up.
We destroyed lobbies of randoms.
Solid building and combat experience make a huge difference.

Perhaps buffing casual weapons like Machine Guns to a massive degree to make things easier for newcomers and solo randoms may even things out healthily.

I think it’s obvious the matchmaker leans on the scales, but how much other BS is going on is hard to tell. The game always feels like a psyop, and I have no idea what makes for wins. They come in waves, and then they are gone.

Sometimes I think there’s some kind of hidden penalty you incur for gorging yourself on resources, and wins are easier when you play according to the challenges you still need to complete, and once those are dried up the difficulty starts to increase until you are loosing constantly and not farming effectively, but IDK…I do know it’s obvious that the matchmaker leans on the scales, no matter how people try to say that’s not happening. It is. The rest is just speculation trying to account for the odd ways this game feels like it sets you up for failure or wins, because it does feel that way often.

I cannot account for why my spider is doing so much better now than when I first built it. It never sucked, but I don’t remember it being that great either, and I don’t recall the developers mentioning any buff to any of my gear. I very suddenly started to get a schit-ton of MVPs with it for two or three days in a row…and then last night I couldn’t win a match to save my life, and got pwnd like a noob mercilessly with it, over and over. Now I’m somewhere in the middle with it, win some loose some. IDK WTF.

I do know people cheat, because they get caught doing it periodically, but I can’t testify to more than that.

I see matches where the other team gets 0 kills almost daily

All it needs is a few OP builds on the enemy team and none of your own. Like if the enemy has 2 cyclone spiders and your basic rapid fire machine gun or shotgun build, possibly a minigun hover, and your own team has no dps weaponry it’s usually an automatic loss

Your team does not have a single rush build, and enemy rushes you with three shotgun builds and it’s an almost automatic game over

That’s just how OP the OP stuff is, matches get decided on how well distributed the players are, if your team does not have meta cheese or the enemy team has more than your own team, it’s usually an automatic game over

Like for example, excluding bots, team 1 has 2 cannon hovers, 1 fuze drone player, 1 homing missiles player and 1 guy with autocannons. Team 2 has 2 cyclone spider builds, 1 imp build, 1 breaker build and 1 hammerfall build. It’s just game over at that point