The energy drain on the top tier weapons is way to low

The energy drain on the top-tier weapons is way to low. the most powerful weapons have a lower energy drain then some of the low ranking weapons, is that to get a player to buy in to get them? Just seems unfair to the players that can never get the stuff to craft them.

Some fine examples: Retcher Energy drain 6 pt and a weapon with 1/2 of the power the Thresher is the same energy drain. Then the Porcupine, one of the most destructive weapons if you carry 5 is an energy drain of 3 HOW can that be this is an energy drain of 6 easy, The energy drain on the top tier weapons is way too low can we fix this?"???

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Porcs are so op and just left untouched, people be like porcs are balanced:

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That’s why Power Score exists.

They are.
Might as well say lances are imbalanced.

A 1 time explosion stick with 57 durability?


Porcs are the great equalizer of this game. Can’t aim for shit, but got a credit card? The game has a solution for you.


Radar+cheetah+invis+ ~10 lances It’s almost guaranteed instakill of most builds. especially on low PS
You don’t always can see one coming. They are much more trouble than porcs for me. (not much, but porcs are even less)

Get a verifier then

Add more explosive generator and 500 PS because once in 20-100 battles something might ram and deal bunch of damage. You are not very smart about making crafts I see.

I think Porcs are only OP at low powerscores. At upper power scores there are lots of things that beat the crud out of Porcs.

  1. Flash. Flash is the best weapon/module/use of energy in the game. It explodes a Porc from a safe distance in about 1/4 of a second. This means that a melee build can drive full speed through a Porc minefield without even slowing and take no damage.

  2. Hovers. Porcs roll under hovers unless they are point blank or there is a hill to loft the porcs through the air.

  3. Machine guns and Retchers. Porcs don’t degun anything and do all of their damage to movement parts and frames. That leaves fragile retchers untouched to do what they do.

  4. ML 200. Porcs don’t do very much to spiders. ML 200 has so much durability that you will trash the Porc build long before it gets to you. Bigrams also are favored over Porcs but they are a lesser problem.

I agree that bringing Porcs into a lower power score where there are no counters is a wrong practice. This should be fixed by raising the power score of Porcs.

I think the strongest low power score relic is the Jormungandr, as you only need one with some Fafnirs and there is no low power score build that can stand against it. This is followed closely by the Porc, as low power scores have no defenses to Porcs. Both of these should be banned in under 10k play.

Yet it happens enough thst you want to complain about it… you don’t use a radar either? To see people cloak up?

Mostly right. But low PS also have powerful weapons to counter it. from 3300+ where you get 1 porc - there are 3xpiercer builds that can destroy porcupine in 2 seconds. Long range MGs do that longer but from safer distance. All you have to do is dodge few barrels or shoot them. But a decent craft can take a barrel or two no problem. And it works like that with more PS as well.

How much PS is that? I would love to see how true that is. At 5-7k PS where I play now I haven’t met crafts that can counter my piercer builds. Last thing that was capable or reliably challenging and winning was some skilled hover cannon guys. But been months since I met a good one and my builds improved.

Of course not. My idea is to get as much firepower on a toughest craft at lowest PS possible. With as much speed as possible. No room for radar. I got enough info on minimap from allies though.
Radar would be an option if it didn’t required energy. My idea is to make craft that can be maximum effective against anything. Having radar = you are opening weaknesses At a +500 PS I could have installed for example one IMP instead of piercer and get more damage and HP on my MGs.

You misunderstand things. I’m not complaining. I’m pointing out that there are much more bias and tough to counter things that some mediocrities with porcs willing to pick on weak with relics(that they bought or grinded through thousands of battles on patheric builds and just seek some retribution for their pointless grinding suffering)