* The fall of the “Nameless tower" 😛

The fall of the “Nameless tower"

Hello, survivors!

We are happy to announce that with the release of the “Dronapocalypse” update, certain large-scale changes will affect the key object on the “Nameless tower” map.

With the release of the “Dronapocalypse” update, a tower, which is an analog of the real TV tower that previously existed in Yekaterinburg, started to fall during battles on the rainy version of this map. If you are familiar with the history of Yekaterinburg, you’ve probably heard that the real tower was demolished in 2018. It was one of the symbols of the city and a monument from the Soviet era.

Now, thanks to Crossout, you can see how the tower is turning into ruins in real life! This is a unique opportunity to dive into the history of Yekaterinburg and see what the tower looked like in reality. In addition, the updated “Nameless tower” offers new gameplay opportunities for players. What kind of opportunities? Find out in the game right now!


Had a quick play around yesterday and was quite surprised when the tower came down right beside me blocking me off! I never saw the long fall…just the boom of the tower setting down a few meters from me.

I guess damage to some area causes it but i like a more interactive map so this is cool to me…just like how the collapsing bridge is. :+1:

Nice vid. :nerd_face:


That’s pretty nifty…

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I bet it was a surprise! Did you crap yourself? Think if that situation for me I’d up out of my chair

Has anyone managed to accidentally wipe out their whole team with the collapsing bridge yet? I’ve definitely taken myself out a few times. Turns out that you can’t drive across it with a heavy meatgrinder build without bringing it down!

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I got the map in regular rotation & barely played just because I wanted to see it fall. :clown_face:

Is it triggered by people driving under the path of it? That’s when it finally fell.

Pretty cool.

Anyone familiar with the history of this tower would know that it was never completed to its full height, and with the fall of the USSR they stopped construction of building it any higher.

ALSO - This tower was removed due to people BASE jumping and committing suicide from it.

Russian people where glad to see an old symbol of the USSR fall, and even cheered at its removal.

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I actually find it kind of humorous that they pointed it out as that’s the town near Targems office and they once deleted a comment I made pointing at their address. lol

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My quick little poking around on the net says they’re about 1.8km away from where the tower was.
Funny it made it into the game.

Their Google maps reviews are kinda funny. I don’t know what a “fire cheekbone” is supposed to be, but apparently it’s an insult. :rofl:

When it was standing, it would’ve been behind this structure - even more of the local scenery in the map…

It’s actually from a superstition if they are using it in the same context (I don’t know what the review was for…): a right cheek burring is a good omen and means a person close to you is thinking about you and the left means enemies are are spreading lies and gossip about you. If the whole face is burning – this means tears will soon be burning your cheeks.

I think it’s kind of cool that they put it in, I had looked around previously and thought it looked like a neat area.

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I saw this before it was announced in one match, and was very surprised
It was nice, felt good to be surprised like that by a game you usually think of as more or less stale


You just fired up my curiosity
the way you talk about this tower…
It would produce a dark novel .

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that’s funny, cause in my country we say the same thing but instead of cheekbones, it’s the ears and it’s opposite sides
If the right ear is red and burning, someone is saying bad things of you
If the left ear is red and burning , then, someone is saying good things about you


Devs,need to fix the mini map,this map the tower don’t fall…same happen with the acid map… :crazy_face:

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