🎙 The Fate of Foundries

Access level: high.

Report of the Seeker Ochre.

The former “Stratofort Components” plant had long been in the hands of the Brotherhood. The military spent a lot of time rebuilding its foundries and getting its production lines up and running again. Their first armored aircraft took off from here. Therefore, after the start of the war with the Kaganate, the territory of the plant quickly turned into a battlefield.

For the fast armored vehicles of the Lunatics, raids deep into enemy territory were commonplace. And with the advent of aircraft, the scale of those increased significantly. And if previously it was mainly the settlements adjacent to the Red Rocks that suffered, now the Firestarters’ shamans directed the rage of the Kaganate towards the objects of the Brotherhood. And first of all - to foundries. As a result of the fighting, the production of propellers was almost completely stopped, but their blueprints and, most importantly, ready-made stocks of parts quickly spread throughout the Valley. Many of them were subsequently put up for sale by the Ravens. According to rumors, there were so many of those that Stevo was ready to give away the spoils of the ongoing war for almost nothing.

Nevertheless, the Kaganate’s attack ended in failure. They managed to interrupt the production of new aircraft for some time, but the plant remained in the hands of the Brotherhood. And now it’s only a matter of time before the military will be able to drive the remnants of the raiders out of the territory and restart the foundries. We expect to see the first prototypes of their new propellers in the coming months.

Does this mean they’re going to break flying now?

can’t break what never worked

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I guess wheels still haven’t been buried deep enough for these people?

Boosters still can’t be rotated vertically. What’s up with that? Now that flying isn’t under restriction, what’s the problem? They always acted like flying was way too OP for this game before. Now they have propellers, so what’s the hang-up with boosters, or reaper-copters, for that matter?

I really doubt we needed more propellers…unless they plan on nerfing the ones we have now.

The other odd thing is how three of the four propellers we have currently are just clones of each other, but with different stats. Looks like some of the features they were working on for this Battle Pass just didn’t make the deadline, so now they are publishing a “late edition”…for a few extra bucks, probably. Copter-packs with exclusive propellers incoming?

If we are going to go this way, I want submarines too. It’d be basically the same as copters, but with no big-ass propellers, or cars with their archaic and grossly outclassed wheels…not to mention tank tracks. Does anybody still use those?

Um, selling power-creep propellers with fomo tactics of course

It sounds more they are trying to work the current faction wars thing into storytelling lore.

Though I do wonder what they plan on doing with the higher rarity props post BP? i.e. headed to the workbenches or not…

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To assist in the air supply network, The crazy kobold has come back and started supplying the Brotherhood not with fighters, but with supply craft. These heavily modified Ospreys are able to hall 12 soldiers and 2 drones, or a solid 5 tons of cargo anywhere they want on the field.

As such The Brotherhoods supply game is likely to help win this war in the long run.

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Well said.

And now can we get all hovers back to normal functioning as it was before that stupid woobling change? Whats a difference if we have flying crafts, no1 should cry about it :+1:

Most the crying about flight came form people who quit when flight was added. Most of them where CW players angry that hovers could just go over obstacles and melee builds back in the day.

I think the main problem with hovers is they where nerfed to hell because of 3 or 4 players. Outside of a few players they are no better then any other movement part. seriously Iron_dog either left or got banned and that was before the nerfs where finished and people went from they are OP to they are UP almost the moment his team quit.

Really says something when a whole movement system was nerfed because of one guy.

Dont remember Iron_dog but I remember many other cry babies who couldnt adapt and move on
thats why they destroyed this game. Creating countless fake threads about hovers with only goal to destroy them.
Those guys dont even play the game anymore but all mess they leave behind we have to deal with.

Yeah, They where called out several times for saying hovers where the worst when they didn’t even play anymore… and yet they didn’t stop and some how got listened to.

That said I still don’t like hovers but that is down to personal tastes not their balance.

Oh no
More helicopter parts