The first success of the brotherhood

Access level: high.

Report of the Seeker Ochre.

One of the key objects in the confrontation between the Brotherhood and the Kaganate was “Air Harbor” - a production outpost of the Steppenwolfs in the Red Rocks, created on the basis of the former scientific complex of the Waderkvarn corporation. It is difficult to underestimate its importance for both sides of the conflict. The very location of the outpost allows the Brotherhood to launch quick strikes deep into the territory of the Kaganate. And the depths of the pre-Crossout laboratories contain both a lot of lost knowledge and an amazing amount of weapons and complex parts developed by the corporation’s scientists. Thanks to them, the Brotherhood was able to assemble huge flying platforms, which could have become a decisive advantage in the war if a third party had not soon transferred the same technology to the Kaganate.

Despite the proximity to the Red Rocks, from where the priests of the Firestarters could easily summon countless bands of Lunatics, it was never possible to dislodge the military from the “Air Harbor”. The Wolfs grabbed this piece of land with a steely grip. Captain Hughes played an important role in this, as he managed to lead many survivors who tipped the scales in favor of the Brotherhood. It’s too early to talk about anyone’s victory in the war. But maintaining control over the Waderkvarn scientific complex will allow the military to continue studying the secrets of the corporation. And if Riley and the Dawn Children suddenly begin to express concern about this, then they will probably have to deal not with the cold-blooded Major Stahl, but with the much more intolerant Captain Hughes. Taking credit for the first victory, he quickly began to gain authority among the military.


Wolfs 1 and fire chickens 0 so far!
Fried chicken anyone?


Fire chickens won on PS4, and looks like we’ll take it again next week.


all i want is the Blazing Bird! :kissing_heart:
ill switch when it comes around,hopefully others will too.
this is PC …

Well I assume you only get the rewards your fraction won at the end of this so rally hard for the fire chicken holo when the time comes, I preferred the brotherhood profile picture so went that way for the first round

  1. This isn’t a “war.” Simply grinding XP by playing any mode is the most simplistic way to collect points for an event. The outcome isn’t up to skill, so it really shouldn’t be called a “war.” It would make more sense to integrate this event with a dedicated mode which would be the only source of points collected to decide the winning side. That would better correspond with the term “war.” And not this retardation.

  2. The Brotherhood’s numbers are being inflated by cowardly noobs that beeline for heavy armor. They have no skill, they’re bad at everything, so their best bet is to strap on HP and hope to survive long enough simply by tanking. Which is not to say there aren’t veterans that use heavy armor. Of course there are, it’s a normal thing. But I see those noobs all the time, and now they’re even easier to spot, prancing around on their Gerridas and blocking, or crashing into me sideways, because they can’t even walk their spiders. But there are noobs on tracks with heavy armor too. They go for tracks because they don’t stop and think that maybe the turn radius is too big, and theyr’e so important that they have to push me out of the way instead of driving around. Or any other possible configuration - I can tell the difference, so I know how many there are.

  3. It takes 70 days to reach level 15 with a faction. Then it’s 15.8 days per prestige level. So a lot of new players will happen to want to level up the Scavengers and the Steppenwolves during this event, whether they really want the Brotherhood’s rewards or not.

  4. Many will want to collect rewards from a single theme, so they won’t switch sides at any point.

  5. For some, the longer they participate in the event, they more their ‘faction identity’ will be reinforced. They’ll feel that they belong in the Brotherhood. Which will make it harder to switch sides.

  6. And now it turns out the percentages aren’t resetting for a new stage. Typical Tard’em.

For all the above reasons, the Brotherhood is going to win all five stages. I knew it hours after the event started, when I logged in and saw the Kaganate at 46% and dropping. Some will want to switch sides for a specific reward, but the resulting inertia will cause the majority to stay on the Brotherhood’s side. There are just too many noobs grabbing that heavy armor. It’s not an event, it’s a travesty. I hope the developers will see that and change the reward distribution system to a more personalized one, where each player’s rewards would depend on which side they contributed more XP towards at each stage.

Back in 2017 and 2018, the exhibition was full of wild-looking, Mad Max-like cars bristling with spikes, and horns, and whatnot. I was actually amazed how popular the Lunatics were at that time, despite there being all the other options. And it went on like that for a long time, maybe up to 2 years. With those players, the Kaganate would have had much better chances. But they kept quiting, and were being replaced by less adventurous, and less creative ones. Those casual players need to feel safe behind some thick armor. I can see that in the way they build and fight. The playerbase’s background and inspiration has shifted from Mad Max to Robocraft. But that’s on the PC.

Alhamdulillah! At least you guys managed to keep the fire going! :+1: :fire: Why would that be? Does the PS have better player retention, and thus was able to preserve more of the original spirit, and keep the players, from when Open Beta launched, or even from Closed Beta? Because those were more hardcore, and more engaged, creative, so less likely to simply fall back on heavy armor for combat effectiveness. That would be my guess.

And what about crossplay? When it’s finally rolled out, it’ll be weird realizing that specific factions won on each of the platforms only because of the different proportions of player types. Also, if the reward distribution system isn’t changed, the kind of event decor used would indicate who’s from which platform. Making this event mostly a statistical experiment. For the first time, we’d have a transparent example of where they get their stats from.

As a negative side-effect, this event is already dividing the playerbase, and will alienate some of those on the losing side. Just when Crossout should be avoiding it the most. Just another factor to make someone quit. For such a simplistic reason. Not because someone couldn’t fight, but because the other side ground more XP in any mode, with skill and effort, or not.

As a further implication, the developers could even use the statistical data from this event to add future content themed after particular factions. Which would cause even more division and alienation among players.

And you’ll have to stay with the Brotherhood all the way, if the majority’s inertia holds up. How many of them knew that Hekla is Crossout’s Imperator Furiosa? And she’ll end up not making into her own game (on the PC), if the change I proposed above isn’t made.

Nice. :upside_down_face: :gun:

On the other hand, how intolerant can he be, in that men-only club?

You’re in the Brotherhood. Contributing to the inertia effect that’ll probably sway the entire event’s progress to that side. But I’m working on a surprise that even the infidel will be able to enjoy.

I think every event divides the playerbase.

Seal clubbing faction for the ftw. Steppenwolfs and scavengers got so many more durable pieces compared to firestarters/lunatics despite having a worst mass to hp ratio. Fire starters and lunatics got some good pieces but I try to avoid low durability parts. If something got less than 40 hp I won’t even look at it.

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Guys, you know that it doesn’t matter what kind of build you play, right?

Looks like we just pick a side, and whichever side has more members determines the prize. Does everyone get the prize, or just people who were on the winning side?
If you need to be on the winning side, couldn’t you just switch teams at the last minute to make sure you get a prize?

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Everyone gets one set of rewards, which wlll be determined by the winners of each stage. Even if you stay with the Nomads for the entire event. But judging from comments on reddit, it looks like it’s not a universal notion.


I chose the Kaganate, just because I know all the kids will choose the Brotherhood because of the heavy-duty armor. Personally I don’t care who wins, I don’t even know what the point of the whole thing is.

Several of my friends on the “Brotherhood” team already approached me, commenting that “our side won, nah nah nah”. I replied, “How come every time I play against you, I blow that ugly, unpainted p.o.s. you call a car, apart?”. No reply.

I left mine on Kaganate just because that what was I currently was leveling up. Couldn’t give a crap about the rewards that are offered this time around. I think it would be more interesting if they let us vote on next battle pass or mini pass focus like this though. I like things that have a community involvement twist to it, even if it’s kind of minimal.


Apparently instead of the scores starting at 0 at every stage of the 5 rewards, the past experience carries over so basically when Brotherhood won the first round the kakagaga-whatever can no longer catch up at all, rip cool bird hologram

Is it just me, or would it have made more sense to start at 0 at each reward stage, rather than the 40-60 of the past round being the starting point of the next?

Another mistake you would not think anyone even half competent in anything would make, yet here we are making dumb decisions so fundamentally stupid that you wonder how the hell the people running this game got to run it in the first place.

Would have been really cool to actually compete for each of the rewards between two factions, Like I imagine it should be, rather than which ever getting the better start steamrolling the whole “competition”


Russians: “lets have an election”

Election: votes get counted 5 times

I swear Targem marketing this game to westerners = hilarious shitshow. This election is NOT legit

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Pretty sure I read the opposite everywhere. guess time will tell.

TBH I don’t care about the rewards that much. Just the notion that even a simple vote can be screwed so hard is hilarious to me.

edit: I have no idea how redditers can’t read two sentences, but they can’t.

It restarts with each cycle, but people are still aligned with the one they chose last time. They can change team at any time, and then change the potential winner for the next stage.

Anyone else playing wolves until the last two? seriously I am on wolves for the first 3 because I like their banner stuff more, but I want the fire chicken holo.

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I’ve been Kaganate the whole time, but I only care about the fire chicken holo. I hope the mix and matchers are enough to swing the vote on Xbox as it is heavily Wolves favored. There’s a bunch of new kiddies who don’t realize that Stepps and Scavs aren’t cool and that good cars and hovers are made with Lunatic and Firestarter parts.

It takes a while to come to this realization.

I think I’m still on that journey.

I think it was you who recently pointed out the crucial importance of certain Lunatic parts to any successful build, but what I’m finding is that it is very difficult to build a survivable vehicle with exclusively Lunatics or Firestarters parts.

I took on a project to try and build anything that kills (2 or more) in PVP using parts *exclusive to any given faction. I can MVP with Nomad parts, but I’ve stalled on the Lunatics parts, and even the Firestarters. It’s been a challenge.

Granted, I tend to art-fart around little, but the Nomad build was easy, and they allowed me to build with considerably less than META design queues. I got a little art-fart off. But, the Lunatics and Firestarters have been very difficult to work with exclusively.

  • My faction build guidelines necessarily allow for the inclusion of Engineer faction parts into the assembly of any so called “faction builds.” Since the developers released an official challenge to create faction builds, I now also allow myself to build using prerequisite faction parts as well, such as they allowed according to their competition guidelines. For example: allowing Lunatic parts to be used in a Firestarters build, or Nomad parts in a Dawn’s Children faction build.

Me too. It’s been disappointing so far, but I’ve been planning my revenge against the Brotherhood. I will win this contest. Unfortunately there may be some casualties taken by the Nomads for fraternizing with the Brotherhood, but whatever. I’m getting my firechicken one way or the other.

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Get 'em Doc!

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