The fun?

Reading the forum here, steam, reddit .
Experiencing the game and players.
I get the feling this game is not a fun, not a “game” to many but means to an unholy end - to selfexpress and build selfesteem through this. People take it seriously. People dont want any of the pescy “fun” but jsut to dominate other players through dedication, money or both.
Some guy, during live stream the other day, asked for pay-to-win option.
One gets death threats.
People are complaining about nerfs to meta (in a situation where half of the cars in any mission are identical)
People are complaining about “weapons to complicated” as if there was any fun in hitscan shotguns.

Am I wrong here? Is XO not a place to have wicked fun, drive around on a junkcar saturating the environment with bullets and explosions while channeling the MadMax on dieat cola?

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I’m still having fun!

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No comment.

Always tried to make it so, building and playing to do just that. But the devs are hellbent on making the game slow, so I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to hold onto that ideal.

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I don’t play nearly as much as I used to. I really have to scrounge for amusement here these days, but I find it occasionally. It’s been a lot easier for me to find something else to do, that’s for sure.
I like the build feature a lot, but the matchmaker tends to remove any potential fun factor. Between it’s rigged nature and ridiculously long queues, I’m just tired of it. The novelty has worn off a good bit, I think. I want to have fun more than I actually do. The fun is getting fewer and further between.
The Small-track-Favorite-Spitfires META, and matches that too often consist literally of nothing but Melee (after waiting in a queue for over two min) have been a major turn-off for me, not to mention all the aim-free weapons these days. I’ve gone weeks without playing now, when I didn’t used to miss a day.

I expect the game will change drastically over this next year (hopefully for the better), and the muse seems to come in go in waves. I swear this game actually doesn’t want me to play it, sometimes. The less often I play the more fun I have when I do. It’s weird. I suspect it’s some kind of developer magic to keep me from farming too much resources or something, but if I go for a few days without playing, then log on, I have a blast for a very short while, then it starts to become miserable again…like magic. IDK. I don’t care to figure it out either, but it sure is moody.

I’ve probably never had more fun playing a video game, but I’ve also never played one that could be so frustrating either.

Crossout: Best game I ever hated.


It is a game to have fun in. Idiots, egotists, and sweats ruin that fun.

That is most Multiplayer games though. For many people, winning is sweet, and getting stomped is bitter. The long grind and frustrations of the game make people consider META chasing to get resources faster. People will optimize the fun out of a game when given the option.

Other people enjoy a challenge. They like the sense of victory when their Non-meta build destroys the copy and paste meta builders.

That being said, I think the game’s business model is based upon grind. The game has to be profitable somehow. The packs and the battle passes often contain items that were very powerful at the time of release (some items still are.) The premium allows players to gather resources faster.


The way some people act in clanwars on coms makes me wonder why they are even playing this game if they get so mad about something in the game. Like losing. Or just dieing early.

And then you get some diamond players that crap on clans that hold. Places like 40th, and call everyone but the top 15 clans garbage. Those are the guys shelling out cash and are here to try and crap on other people for their egos. I’ve even seen guys like these from lower cw tiers.

And then you have the group of complainers. I’ve left a clan because half the players played the game several hours minimum every day, but would spend half their time in coms complaining about how crappy and bs this game was. Not that that’s common for a clan to have so many whiney people.

Me? I don’t freak out when I lose. I don’t like making ugly basic crap that’s cookie cutter. If I play cw I make an Ugo metta though, because it’s necessary to use have those builds in diamond. Otherwise I play almost all artier builds in PvP. I mix function with style. And I very much enjoy building and tweaking things to look sleaker and more stylish.

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this is all true… this game frustrates me to spitting rage…but i always come back to it… due soley to the fun factor… most frustrating is probably elements of the new event…builds seem horrible… did they intentially pick the worst builds… but joy is playing low PS game… anything under 3k still funnier then hell…yes I can’t use my totally awesome end game weapons/cabs… but still funner then hell


There’s always, always a part of the fun in multiplayer games that is about competitivity. Street Fighter is fun until you get demolished every game because you play someone way too good. Counter-Strike is fun once you learnt how not to die first and watch the rest of the round all the time. XO’s pretty similar to CS in that regard (tho much, much more forgiving)

There’s not 50 ways around it, you gotta train your mechanical skills at some point if you want to have fun in those online games. I did so a long, long time ago. Including on Street Fighter after getting my pride demolished at a public event by a good player. And boy, it was painful, and not a very useful IRL skill so probably not worth it. All those hours spent practicing bunny hops and relaxed, smooth mouse movement would have been betterspent practicing string skipping and relaxed, smooth pick movement on guitar.

Now I only play for fun (and those 3v4 CW victories bragging rights), if I want to tryhard with my time or money, I do it on guitar :eyes:
But don’t try me at Street Fighter II (^:


I’m with you on that 100%.
The most fun I’ve had playing this game is when it would let me play at around PS 3500.
These days I can’t get a match that low, but I like the game better in it’s simplified “Mad-Max” style game-play. After 4K it just goes downhill, I think. All the extravagant weapons, modules, and small-tracks, start coming into play, and it’s a different game after that. One I don’t like as much, or play as often. I think it’s wonky a mess, with only a few bright spots…none of which I can recall at the moment, but I’m sure there are some. I think.
It’s a matter of taste, I suppose.

I wish they’d just let me build what I want, but they don’t. It’s got to be 5K or higher. 7K on up is the only place I find matches regularly, but I get sick of building stuff just to make the power-score high enough that I can actually play.

Presently, I’m switching to all drones as a solution. I’m done aiming for a while. That struggle seems more or less pointless at the moment, and I’m not going to bother. I’ll just do art builds and let the drones play for a while, until whatever this game is going through sorts itself out. It usually does eventually.

Huh… The opposite of me in terms of what ps you like to play. I cant seem to make rides below 10k. Lol. If I do I have to make an effort to get that low. Usually I just build whatever without regards to the PS it lands in these days. The only weapons I really use that aren’t legendary and up are my two exexutioners and my yongwang. And those builds are 14k and 12k with legendaries on them as well.

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Ya, I’m going to have to change the way I do stuff, because as it is this game is not doing it for me anymore. The power-scores between 5K and 9K are miserable. I’m hating it. I don’t know what they changed (exactly), but it doesn’t work for me. Nothing is…well, my Fuze-boat still works, but whatever. That’s what I play when nothing else works (drones).
I can’t play at all below 5K (except raids), so that’s out…so…? Looks like the end-game for me? IDK. Bummer.
Ditch this account and start over? Take a break and come back in a month? I wish TV wasn’t so full of BS.

I took your stock tips and sold all my surplus stuff, and just kept the bones. You were right. The market tanked.
Now I have more coin than I’ve ever had, and stuff is cheaper (thanks for the tip), so maybe I can buy some new gear and find something I like that’ll put me up above 9K regularly in a fun way. I just don’t see that happening. It doesn’t look like any game I’d want to play up there, and I don’t see anything in the market that makes me think, “Oh, ya, I want that!”
I don’t know what to do. This game isn’t doing it for me right now. I’ve got 8K in coins, and I don’t know what to do with it. I’m sick of playing against (or with) mines and drones and missiles and kapcans and hovers, etc, and that 8K won’t buy me out of that mess. It’ll just get me deeper into it.
I guess I’m done. I could play an alt account I suppose, but it just leads to the same dead-end (and what a waste of money).
I suppose I will just go buy a bunch of Lancelots (those always work) and smash kids with them (just push W) or take a break until the next Battle Pass/update comes out, then see how it goes.
Maybe I’ll just build a porch instead (get a life, he says).

Lately I’ve been playing the 9k/10kPS range most of the time. If I use a bootstrap and minimal modules, I can play with all the legendary weapons I got from battlepasses (or grinded out), or I can play epic weapons and bring more James Bond spy car modules.

I’ve also been playing up in the 14-15kPS area, because I finally discovered the joy of legs, and they make me want to build as big and powerful as possible. Up in that range everyone is kind of slow, so legs seem to work well.
I’ve tried 6kPS recently, but I found my queue times were longer. Still not as bad as what a lot of others report though.
Most of the time I’m only waiting 30-60 seconds for a match (PS4, North America).

14k - 19k is where I like to play.

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Take a break. Crossout will beckon you back in no time, like a sweet drug. Sounds like you’ve just backed yourself in to a stale corner.

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Probably a good idea. I’m burnt out.
I think I have a few more days with that premium they gave us (I got 7 days)…now I sound like an addict making excuses to abuse myself.
Just one more, bartender. Then I’ll go home.

I promise.


Lol yeah :slight_smile: it’s a hard habit to kick.

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