The fusions list for the event

its as follows

  • M-39 Imp
  • Reaper
  • Helios
  • Cyclone
  • Retcher
  • Fortune
  • Spectre-2
  • AC72 Whirlwind
  • Aurora
  • Harpy
  • Photon
  • AC50 Storm
  • Synthesis
  • Dun horse
  • Sinus-0

which one, or two, of these would you all get? im so tempted to get either a helios, because i want a set of this gun and itll save me resources. retcher, so i can sell one of them or save it to fuse when the time comes. fortune, because i love this weapon and always wanted to get a set of 3 and itll also save me some resources. cyclone / reaper just to have 2 because i only got 1 of each though i dont really NEED them. as for the others i dont really NEED them per se but maybe if i have enough ill buy a whirlwind with anything left over. let me know what you guys would get.


These all come with fantastic fusions. You don’t need to refuse them unless you really want to.

I’m probably going to spend my lighters on a fused Starfall, the new AC, and some fused helicopter blades. I like the crafting table, and here is my list:

Things I want:

  1. Fused Reapers. These Reapers are - Spread +Damage and + Durability. I would vastly prefer the + damage would be changed to + enemy impulse, but the fusion is great.

The reason for this is that Reapers win lots of Clan Wars because they lowered Barrier shields to 2 energy and you can sit around in bubble spam all day with them. Gerrida legs and Aegis/Barrier changes have made Reaper the best machine gun.

  1. Fused Retchers. The perk is good, and if I ever want to have a good levi, these are must have items.

  2. Fused Imps. 4 of these are still awesome on short range booster levis, but probably not as useful for every levi as retchers.

  3. Fused Fortunes. Bullet speed Fortunes would be fantastic. This might be the best thing to get.

  4. Fused Helios. These break down big spider builds very quickly with the perk.

I already have fused Cyclones.


agreed! getting one of these will save me a ton of resources from getting a set. and if i can get to level 140 and get 2 then that would be even better for me. id then only need 2 helios or 1 fortune. also that reload perk on fortunes is BEAUTIFUL. throw that on a hadron with that flywheel and OH MAN the damage output youll be doing :heart_eyes:

those are some nice choices though. im not an imp fan myself but i can see why people would like them. and yes helios absolutely obliterate spider builds, especially if you can keep landing all your shots. some nice picks ya got dude, i hope you get what you want to get :smiley:


The reason I want a fused Starfall is because it looks like it hits hard and has a cool perk. A near miss for extra damage sounds like a lot of fun. Plus there is a cool flak explosion animation for the perk. Also, you only need 1 to have a complete set as you get 1 in the battle pass.

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I would rather have the +explosion radius coupled with bullet speed than the reload. But then it would match my other fused stuff that explodes. Can’t have that. /cry

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A second starfall and a cyclone. Two Helios’ looks compelling as well given how strong it is on humpback spiders

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I already got 4 upgraded imps and 2 upgraded cyclones. Not much else I wants prob just gonna get another one of those new legendary autocannons. I was hoping that they would have offered mammoths out of the lighters this time, definitely would of got that.


Indeed. Something interesting there.

Which begs the question, why cant we choose our fusion in this kind of event? They try to choose their idea of best fusion but what harm is there in letting us decide which is most desireable to us?

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