The Future of Gaming

is going to mobile phones… :thinking:
maybe because no one wants a PC or Console anymore.
why ? …it’s more convenient to use your phone for everything in todays world…

Being at your finger tips is nice.

I have played some pretty good mobile games too.

I even play Crossout mobile sometimes, but it does not even come close to even the console experience.

I think some game types are great on the phone.
For example I play “Eternal” it’s a card game like Magic the Gathering. It is 10 times better on the phone then the Xbox version.

I see you playing Pokemon and using a Mankey

Lol, well if I did play Pokémon I might :wink:

For you!

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I still have phone with buttons and use PC for everything. We’re a dying breed it seems.
It’s not even game I think, it’s a typical software devs thing like "we upgraded and added some features! Doesn’t sound like much… Rework interface! Change effects and stuff, do noise, make it look like everything!

i’ll be buying pc’s till i die. even if i have to save for a year without playing games (as I have done in the past) PC gaming is where it’s at.

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It’s because mobile phones is where the money is.
It’s not about convenience, more about the fact that more people have phones. Not everyone can afford pc and/or consoles.


Pretty sure console gameing will never be replaced by. Mobile. And pc just is far better to use than mobile. I think the future is pc games that are crossplay on mobile. And console is more a chill with Ur buds hang out on the couch with a big screen type gameing.


So true. All those cyber-sportsmen on console here on forum smell of crazy.

I personally loathe mobile gaming and think it’s at the very bottom of the gaming tiers