The future of range building

I don’t think the devs introduced the range building items and mechanics just so we can decorate our garages and test weapons. Too much was put into the project for that to be the only goal.

So what do we speculate the larger plans are?

Personally, I think they are working on a way for us to build armed bases that we can challenge other players to beat, similar to how invasion works with leviathans.

It wouldn’t be that complicated to borrow from tower defence games. Players could build a maze, but there would have to be a pathway from the entrance to the end, and it would have to be wide enough to allow vehicles to get through it. We could arm our bases with weapons from our storage, with an energy limit and possibly other limitations. Ideally we’d be able to watch the playback of attacks from a god view perspective.

Anyone else have any suspicions of what the future holds for range building?

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I don’t really think anything is planned. There’s alot of new range stuff in the big chase rewards, probably because they’re simpler/cheaper to give away? It’d be great if you could invite someone to your range for 1 vs 1 battles, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen anything soon.


Yeah, people nagged them for it for years, I see no inkling of any plan to used the build range mode for anything

I don’t even think that was an after thought

I agree with this^

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You guys are killing my dreams!

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Just another way to pad out the battle pass seasons


Maybe a better question would be: what should the devs do with range building?
Didn’t they do something a while ago with player built race tracks? Or did I just dream that?

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I remember suggesting something similar to tower defense before it went in but the idea was to let players use their items out in the garage storage i.e. build the towers out of the players stash of structure parts, cabs or generators, and weapons. I have a feeling active parts limitations will keep that away for a while. I suggested clanwars base to base combat using this stuff too i.e. bases would look like half a map with an interchangeable center section. There would have to be a lot of rules made though on how much energy could be used to power stuff though to keep it fair. Garage base raiding was also suggested.

They already did some of the shooting gallery stuff that was suggested. They can keep improving on that. The newer imposed limits tell me there’s probably some server resource limitations though. When the original idea suggestion for the shooting gallery was put out it was basically stated in the idea is that it could be slowly developed over time as it doesn’t effect the main game.

They haven’t finished garage visitors yet. It’s been suggested that they use custom matches and let you load an instance of the garage like that. Though it would be nice to be-able to receive real player visitors in the garage.

They haven’t allowed decor to be stacked on base blocks yet. It would be nice to be able to station some of the range targets at different heights.

Driving over blocks has not been enabled for AI bots yet. They would have to alter their pathfinding for it but would be nice to see worked in.

Map making has been suggested a few times. Racetracks would be nice. I think you might have just read the suggestion.

I’ve suggested alternate building pads a few times i.e. these would have smaller point totals but be outside the range area. I think there’s some issues that would hold this type of thing up anyway such as holiday decorating/events. It again would run into part load issues on the server too.

I wish they would go back to the original higher point limit though as even with the newer combo parts I run out of points often and I know others do too.

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No one said your dream is bad but this is crossout devs we’re talking about


That and the fact that only the cement blocks can clip together, everything else for the most part can’t look at the walls and fences (none breakable ones) they can’t clip together so you get a small gap

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I seem to remember the fence parts being closer together when they first came out.

Complete side note but I’d really like to be able to use the stickers on the range blocks too.

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The garage building feels like “a game engine test” more then it does a “real game feature”.

They built their own engine, so I bet the map editing software they use has some of the same features.

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I would hope so otherwise they would be just using hard coordinates. That still doesn’t explain the gaps in the fences either… lol


You actually could place all walls and range building objects right next to any object, but they changed it after two months of range building getting added…

There are still garages in exibithion that have then that way

Mentioned it earlier…

Yeah :slight_smile: lol.

I guess what I meant is “they already had all this code for the editor, it was not a ton of work to convert that code to a game feature”


Though they still need to fix the clipping with walls/fences, and add more stuff and the ability to stack stuff besides the blocks

I just want to get my hands on their inhouse map editor, that would be cool.
I haven’t touched my garage building mode in months because I’m already over the maximum number of points available and I can’t add anything without removin a lot first. They should at least double the maximum number of points you can use up for your garage, I still got a lot of furnishing to do.


I too would love to use their editor

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That’s one of the things I have to most issue with at the moment. I’ve managed to save a fair amount of points by upgrading the blocks to the newer combo parts but I’m still constantly running out of points. I’ve put in suggestions a few times for more combo blocks too.

The other issue is space there’s no thin walled blocks not everything needs to be megalithic in size if you know what I mean.

I’d really like to be able to re-skin each of the surfaces of the blocks too. It would be really easy to make lo to mid-poly buildings out of the base blocks. Much like many of the other houses they have in the base garage.