The future of rocket pigs?

With the booster fuel expansion tanks being moved to a BP only item as well as the discontinued Tusk cab pack make the combo make the pairing inaccessible to F2P players? Will the change be good for the game pulling the excess booster fuel into higher PS ranges simply because the expansions tanks are of a higher rarity? At some point they did lower the base level of fuel given just to have the boosters able to have extra capacity given to them… Are we making our own issues with some of the stuff we ask for?

I’m not really fond of these rocket builds but it’s been something I’ve been thinking about…

Tusk will probably stay affordable on the market for a while and that will probably be the same for the tank. The build will not be ultra cheap but I don’t think it will be completely out of reach anytime soon.

The Tusk is a Niche item IMHO. It was cool at first and the meta of its time. It takes a lot of skill and practice to master to be effective. However after it was nerfed its effectiveness drastically reduced . Never was a fan of it and surely not my play style. It won’t be missed on my behalf.

What do you mean the Tusk cabin has been discontinued?

They said it a long time ago and then stopped selling it. Unless I missed them putting the new pack for it out. I meant that in the same way as they killed off the original spider pack and the original hover pack and replaced them.

I must have missed those announcements.
Maybe I should finally get around to buying a tusk before scarcity raises the prices too much?

It hasn’t gone up that much and the announcement was a long time ago. So either people aren’t upgrading them or the re-released it or they are sneaking some back onto the market somehow… I would have thought they’d be much rarer now too.

Ok I figured out what’s going on the did pull it from the regular store but they’ve been putting it up on special occasions: “Wild Hunt” and “Wasteland Warrior” packs are available for a limited time! - News - Crossout This is what’s been keeping the supply up.

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I bet it will be going on sale soon, to coincide with the new booster fuel.

At least that’s what I would do if I was running Crossout.

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That’s quite possible. I was testing last night boosters with heli and was thinking should heli’s have a higher speed cap then ground cars? Then I started thinking about flying booster pigs as a kamikaze unit. Which to me is fairly funny.

Outside of that: If those fuel packs are limited though we’re essentially killing races and cutting off the fuel upgrades to every build that uses them. I don’t think that’s right even if the rocket pigs are a pain in the bottom in combat.

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Didn’t they already kill off races?

I personally think races would be much better if boosters were banned. Make it about driving skill, rather than bouncing off walls. And make walls give passive melee damage, so that racers are forced to avoid crashing into them.

They did but I think there were other issues with them. I’d like to see them back, I know a few people that only really like racing as a side to pvp.

I really think they need to do pvp races with larger more free of route tracks. A booster build can then expend a lot of energy avoiding combat off course while still needing to hit the check points.

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I miss races too, but the rocket sled meta killed my interest in them.
And at the moment, there aren’t enough players for the less popular modes to work.
I hope they bring them back as special events. I would even be happy with pre-built cars.

Yeah I’d agree those are odd but work too well. Same principals I’ve been using with the heli bits, just min everything.

I can’t even get into a lot of the brawls the clock just keeps going sigh…

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Really hoping that console crossplay helps get the wait time down for brawls and heli battles.

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I do hope it will help the consoles out even though I’m lingering on PC and will not be included in that.

Boosterpig builds need a nerf. OP ASF. They are the tankiest builds in the game cuz of speed, you can’t ignore them, and if you dont kill them they will just keep booster skinnering around. Ofc because they dont have weapons, they have tons of free mass for heavy frames and insane amounts of armor so they dont even have weakpoints. The biggest bastionboi crumbles in front of a boosterpig.

They kind of have one coming the ammo box switch out… That’s what we are talking about.

I dont agree with restricting their use to having a BP module though.

That’s really what worries me too. It makes me worry about how often will the module be put back into crafting phases and similar. I don’t mind that they might want 4 factions for rotating seasonals but it would be nice if they brought in their full workbenches when they show up, and they haven’t been doing that yet.