The game is really failing

Why are developers ignoring this? Why don’t the developers try to make the game more enjoyable and attract more players and keep them playing? If they canceled the sale of weapons for real money and improved the mm, that would also help new players who don’t want to leave their entire paycheck in the game, it would be more fun if they didn’t meet magos who poured tens of thousands into the game.


oh, so in 2023 when you also wrote this game dying it had TOP amount of players.

Aladin never surrender

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you guys on the other hand were hoping for console pc merger, it was left at a console merger. you were hoping for the return of 8vs8 pvp, it remained at 6vs6. you were hoping for faster queue times and less bots. neither has come to pass according to forum people. so, you know.

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Cult style games don’t really need as many members to run as the triple AAA games do. So it makes it possible for them to ignore a lot more problems.

I was focused on the advertisement . Something I have never seen in game.

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Are you crazy or what? is everything fine with you?

You reply to me…

only 30% of what you said i want, no/less bots in pvp.

and im PC player not Console, so WTF with your head, it seems broken.

Do not reply to me if its not about me.

I remember times when advertisements of this game were all over places.

and game didn’t had all the current problems.(although it always had other major problems and always out of balance). It never really had many players, it never took off as other games did. It’s just too complicated. It rewards good builds and tactics, but punishes those who fail. most do. So they suffer much more than they would in games like War Thunder where you fight with same stat vehicles.
So devs just do what they must to keep afloat, thanks for that. It’s better than not having this game at all.
Also it just feels that times of games like this have passed. Actually barely anyone makes and maintains good games this days, which is rather weird.

In what way do you imagine that?
Everyone talks different versions of how they would “fix” the game, which means there isn’t really some definite issues.
Of course there are some bias weapons and meta… but that was always the case in any game, and games flourished still.

Perhaps. But I find it rather funny and good how game “died” like… 5 years ago? And here we are still playing it. And devs even add new stuff, events, and it’s still fun.

So what? You don’t know the feeling when there are no people at all to play the game you like with.
You got bored that’s all. I left a bunch of MMOs like this. One must really like a game to play it forever.
If you got things you’d enjoy more, sure. I left this game 3 times destroying my store just to realize there are no better games to play.

Fun, but how for whom.

2,962 players for the whole day. This game only survives thanks to paying people and even if they get tired of it, the game will be unprofitable and when that happens, I don’t believe that they will maintain it. And then all the money that people exchanged for ones and zeroes will go to waste. And that’s why I’ll play here and there, but I won’t give a penny anymore, and the fact that I poured a lot of money. Now I’ll buy Star Citizen and a new PC for the money, but not a penny for the crossover. It’s a shame that they wiped the floor with the potential of this game.

Something tells me you won’t have any happy heaven to go to no matter what.

You talk of it as if this game must build some destination for you. You pay for having fun with stuff, for a certain period. That’s why they roll out p2win meta, which is limited time thing, so you pay for say 2-3 month of dominating the unlucky, or having fair fighting chance.
If you didn’t had any fun for the money you spent you got something wrong going with your logic.

I don’t have to deal with it now, Star Citizen has been purchased. And just improve the PC. I’ll turn on crossout here and there, but only minimally, but I’m sorry for the money I poured into crossout, and it’s a shame where the developers finished it, crossout had potential and they wasted it.

The sad state of the game is that they make a hundred of weapons, yet everyone only plays with about 10 of them, because they keep nerfing the other 90.

Imagine a new player buying a weapon he thinks is cool for real money, he has a 1 in 10 chance that weapon would be good in pvp.
So only 1 out of 10 of new players spending money is satisfied, the rest just quit the game because they bought the “wrong” weapons.

Crossout devs really need to balance their game, ive only been asking for this the last 9 years :stuck_out_tongue:

Viable movement parts;
Epic Wheels
Icarus IV

Viable weapons;

Whats the fucking point of playing this game? You make me grind for hundreds of hours having to build an incredibly detailed build that requires another 100+ hours to master, and then turn the game into this braindead shit full of dogs, bricks, and cam steer hovers.
The meta nerfed the hardest this entire year is my Omni Astraeus lmfao.

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Can u give up on this stupid astraeues build? Seriously bro nobody cares and you continue to cry, get used to it. Balances happen in every game INCLUDING this one for a good reason, omni nerf was a smart decision, and they’re still usable.

Wipe your tears loser.


upto 600 per shot damage, unlimited ammo, double Asta builds can go as low as 5000 PS.
It’s your bad for not optimizing PS.

600 damage is nothing compared to current DPS meta, especially with 55% penetration which means you lose 45% of your damage if you pierce parts, all while losing 80 hp every shot with weapons that cannot be used on Oma/Averter. Oh, the half second trigger delay too! I’ve had hover sweats dm me and after our gg’s they say they never could get the hang of a gun with a .5s trigger delay. Never needed a nerf, meta players and shitters alike are just pissed that there was a ranged weapon that they couldn’t curbstomp with W+M1 or their hitscan hovers. The problem was always Catalina and Jay stacks.

You care enough to get mad lol. Omni and Astraeus nerf was retarded and I say that playing buggy wheels and Icarus VI now doing better than I was without those parts before those nerfs. Keep being bad at the game though. You’ve never posted gameplay, you really should considering its still pride month.

This game has seen some pretty radical change in the last 18 months. I hope it slows down on that front, and settles for something less fickle soon. I think it’s been an understandably messy process evolving this game so far so fast. I hope it gets better soon, and I’m not sure it is yet.

My inventory is a catastrophe of nerfs, and a new build style has been introduced by this energy rework that is contrary to what I would like (simplicity). Now I almost absolutely need to run all sorts of modules, which I’m not used to doing, and some of them are very explosive. Thanks, Devs :neutral_face:

I don’t think the Ravager content can be construed as a failure though, and I think it’s a little unfortunate that the rest of the game is more difficult to enjoy right now, while that event is running too.

Now that I think of it, none of the Ravager gear offered in the Ravager battle pass would be well suited for the event brawls. This seems like an odd discontinuity. Still, the aesthetics are pretty sweet. I’m just not sure how useful any of it is in this game, the way it is.

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True. But that’s how this game works. Buff something tiny bit next thing you know people find unexpected way to make it work, and then it’s a new meta.
Might happen even without any buffs.

It only works that way for easy to play builds because the plurality of people are average and cannot self master niche builds. Locust hovers in CW 2+ years ago were OP asf but maybe 5 guys played them in all NA well.
If hard to use items that have no alternatives get nerfed so badly they cannot be used competitively the players who enjoy that kind of gameplay will quit. Thats why I think the game is losing so many players. The devs keep pissing everyone off except the wheel and hover hitscan/fire players. I can make my Omni builds work, but it takes so much effort to get scores that are lower than me just vegetating in my cam steer hover/buggy wheel finwhale. Thats a breaking point the devs have crossed with too many people and the game is dying for it.

Any game. World of Tanks pretty much died. I never heard any1 criticizing the game like devs did something dramatically wrong. The project just depleted itself.

They made few attacks on wheels too. Past years wheels in fact been inferior choice to legs and hovers. They even made once ridiculous physics making them very clumsy which they pretty much rolled back.

And hitscan weapons been getting massive nerfs too. You no longer see mass sinus hovers, and piercers don’t feel like plague.
Still I find them them(wheels and rapidfireMGs) best option, but only because I’m used too much to this tactic of riding around, never stopping, flanking, dodging etc.

Problem with those is that battles are chaos. Your build and tactic should be capable to handle it. While many weapons drain too much attention on aiming and ballistic reducing your ability to control surrounding and maneuver. That’s why many decide not to bother even with hitscan weapons but use melee or drones, and radar so they could focus on driving and awareness. Mostly drones are trash and can compete, but once some option emerges of powerful drone/mine/melee gameplay people just swarm to it. They don’t even want to bother with hitscan weapons.