The game is really failing

Thats hilarious to say to someone who plays in top 20 silver - low gold every week lol.

Good thing astraeus can be played in much lower PS than what is meta for the most part. Also im not going to try to argue with someone about the omni nerf that is so set in their ways which blinds them from the truth, omnis were too good pre nerf PERIOD.

Also, once again “Keep being bad at the game though” said the person who plays in a TIN ranked clan and has the thought process and game sense of a toddler loool. Maybe take some of your own advice, LMFAO.

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I’m too good for CW. That shit is braindead with its cam steer bigram bricks and dogs and caters to rich retards and the terminally unemployed who cant find a better use of their time. Post gameplay or stfu.

“Unskilled” Rofl I’m too good have fun playing the abysmally low skill ceiling you enjoy.

This just sounds like more excuses to why your complete garbage at the game. you cant play high PS because it is simply too complicated for you thus why you come up with “im too good for CW”. Oh yeah? Well actually I cant afford my rent because IM TOO GOOD TO BE RICH…

You then continue to complain about rich people in the game. Get a grip nooby lmao the coping is insane. Lastly, coming from someone whos seen your “clips” and gameplay, I don’t understand what gives you the ego to think your amazing at the game… Sorry to break it to you bud your atrocious…

Is this supposed to prove something? He’s just as bad as you and battle for ura doesn’t prove anything lmao. Also this player also plays in rust-tin. Seems like you’re getting matched to equal skill level people at least ;D…

Post gameplay if you are so good bro. Just show us lol. You are so good in your camera steer hover or whatever other braindead shit is meta in CW. You have all this free time to play a videogame with friends and you choose to competitively play Crossout CW :rofl:

I am surprised you are still posting this, (lost my authenticator for months).
I want to acknowledge your tenacity with my respect.
Note that you have provided enough evidence across more than a year and half to convince me of your point.

Yes, I think the dev’s can see this. I think they have been working on it since before 2.0 looking back.

Their biggest chance would have been if Furiosa had been a hit. But it wasn’t.

Idk if this game would be failing less if Furiosa was a hit. Its just not fun to play anymore. People who still play this are a hardcore bunch yet the devs keep lowering the skill floor and ceiling and making the gameplay more and more boring. Thats what is driving me away and I suspect many others too but they dont show up to post. This game used to have gameplay that is better and more satisfying than action movie scenes and thats going away.

They didnt get new players by dumbing the game down and instead they are driving ppl away.


Becouse this: Project Void Space. The testing of the combat system has started! - News - Crossout

They let this game die so they can focus on the new one.

At the moment they are trying to get as much money as they can from loyal players with mini battle passes to get fused legendary pieces.


Just a matter of time…
Grim Reaper Death GIF

I will never play any game from GJ again. I currently have 3 games that I alternate between STC + WoW + DayZ. And all three games are 1000% better and less frustrating. And above all, more successful.


Hi, Aladin911CZ,

I like this game, although at one point I took a long break of 2 years. I recently returned and if I have an opinion to give it is: Dear, very dear, as for the mentality and maturity of the players, this has changed and not for the better! It’s to each his own, we help and we find ourselves alone, we fight and your “partner” arrives and screws up everything for HIS points, HIS kill while he is in the same camp! Insults rain down as naturally as “hello” but where are we? I think that for the most part no one in life will walk into me without saying “sorry” and thus you will gain respect for yourself and others or would have fun insulting me, I don’t think so! I admit I don’t have this mentality and it can put off more than one person! Then there are some who have responsibilities in real life and/or worries. I come there to have fun, to meet friends and when I switch off I often tend to be angry or disappointed. Even if I manage… However, I ask friends, children and others to come and at least try this game because we love it with its faults and its qualities!

And again, I have not addressed the technical aspect, the differences between each one. My bandwidth is 8 MB/s or 1 MB/s and I manage how, I don’t know, I play. I hope fiber (FTTH) soon, it’s a renewal like when I changed my graphics card lol
Anyway, if this game lasts otherwise, I’m going to be bored…


Ps : I have deliberately omitted the aspects of the game support otherwise we will enter into an endless nebula!

In every gaming community where I mention I spent 5+ years playing Crossout as a F2P, people are like “oh dude, i’m sorry for you”
This game isn’t niche or unknown or anything like that. It’s been tried by tons of gamers, and they all collectively decided that it sucks ass and shits all over the player for profit. I have to agree with them.

I’m 100% glad I switched to Helldivers 2, a truly democratic game where everyone can play his part without being strangled by greedy devs :saluting_face:


I wish you a lot of fun in the new game and especially less frustration. A person turns on a game to distract himself from everyday life and not to get nervous. And unfortunately, GJ only does that it wants to extract as much money as possible from the players at all costs, and that’s why every moment new weapons are released that everyone can immediately buy, etc., etc.

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