The game need a screen saver

I play crossout since 5 years (9000 hours of gameplay) and i play pretty much everyday , over the years i burned 2 LED televisions (LCD panel was marked ) .

Somehow I doubt this is a Croosout issue. The only way an image gets burned into a lcd screen is if a still image is left on display for hours (and I mean like, 5-6 hours+) everyday.
I too have been (actually) playing xo for 5 years and have over 9000 hours
But because I actually spent that time actually playing the game and not spending all day afk leaving a still image on my screen. Prestige 371 btw.
I have no screen burn and am still using the same lcd monitor I’ve been using for nearly 7 years.

I spend a lot of on the market ,thats probably why.And i’m on xbox and i had a led Samsung 4k TV, i don’t if the PC monitor are more reliable.

If you play white static for a few days (day and night) it can sometimes erase some of the image burn in but it depends on how bad it is.

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