The game started crashing like crazy after Supercharged update

The game became extremely unstable after the update even though the frame rate didn’t change sometimes the game crashes while launching other times during a match but it never stays beyond 5 minutes without crashing and I even lowered settings the point I made it look worse than a PS1 game but that didn’t stop it from crashing.
Drivers are up-to-date so please don’t mention that and I also tried TdrLevel and TdrDelay in regedit but didn’t solve anything.
Here are the logs:

dumb tech support question here: have you used the “Repair” function yet?

I obviously did, I have been suffering from this issue since the update dropped so I tried multiple solutions and repair was one of them.

If you haven’t already, try out these options. Tracing movement parts fully turned off seems to help things, too.

And my last “fix” is This Video

Nope, It’s still crashing.

I had similar problems and ended up Under Settings, Video, ticking Legacy Gpu Compatibility the graphics are ultra low but the game can be played. Worth a try.

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similair problems also didnt find a fix very strange crashes.

PC should be able to play the game with the settings. including cpu and gpu 1 year ± old tech… hardware wise.

1ste start up crash / second start up no issue.
Play for ours with no problems or overheating issues gpu wise…
And then be randomly boothed / crashed (sometimes with no error log report).

I also did repair on gaijn launcher but i think its the update 2.0 that goofed something in the game,
It also tends to randomly crash if it cant seem to process changing a mode or reqeue for a battle.

But ive also been booted randomly while playing a raid.
Also the automatic report software doesnt always get triggerd on strange closing of the game.

My best geusse is that 2.0 update they did causing issues.

Any luck with their bug reporting site because I reported a week ago and they still haven’t answered.

My game is already using the lowest settings and it’s not an FPS issue it’s a stability issue because the game most of the time crashes while booting.

Did you solve the problem? I’ve had the same for several days. I have done many tests and nothing changes. The game keeps crashing when I’m in battle.

Update of graphics and windows drivers.
Graphic change in games.
Repair the games.
Uninstall, reinstall the game.

Please help me!

it’s the game,not your pc… :crazy_face:

I did manage to solve it by downgrading my GPU driver and it’s driver fault and not the game since another game stopped crashing after I did the downgrade.

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I did manage to fix and it’s a driver issue, I had to downgrade it.

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oh i see,i had to delete updates from win10 and NVIDIA and revert back in time because those updates don’t support my potato. but my ping is a different problem…
glad you fixed it! i want my ping back :sob:

I have this same, after update, crashing randomly, before and after Nvidia driver update, before and after Win 10 update, doesn’t metter, Crossout just starting crashing, repair doesn’t work. This is just a problem with game, i never had a problems with crossout from closed alpha, this is a first time, sometimes my PC showin BSOD, i got this problems only with crossout, the rest of games working fine on ultra, and 0 crashing my drivers, pc, game.

Set NVIDIA DLSS to OFF. It worked for me.

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