PING PONG--is this the New Ping? fix please

this ping is as low as it goes now,since 2 days ago…i live in the divided states of Merica…
it was fluxing between this and 356 in the red zone 2 days ago…
what’s going on ? i been playing for years and this never happen to me…*for this long…

For me this wonkyness feels like the new norm, when I notice that I have random spikes of 300-400 every 5 seconds and a general ping of 100, it means usually that the connection is wonky again for who knows reason, no crossout today.

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i just got this for the last half of the match…and it lags sooo bad :crazy_face: it wasn’t laggin at 104.

Now my ping is stable, but my frames drop the moment there is anything happening on the screen. This was not an issue yesterday or any days before it after the supercharged release, and I have not changed any settings or anything

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A brand new problem appears, at the start of the match, you’re glued onto place and can’t move anywhere, teammates just jerking and twitching in place for you but for other players everything is normal, chat works etc, and the kicker is that your ping is only 240

Back before if this happened the ping was somewhere around 99999999 and generally it was always the whole match instead of just one or two people in the match, but I’ve seen people comment about this during matches some times while others play normally

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