The great absentee: punisher

First: I’ve been a player of “punisher/omamori/icarus” and “arbiters” builds. In general, I agree with the announced adjustment to the “arbiters”, but I am impressed that nothing is said about the punisher.

Punishers have been dominating the game at high Power Scores and on CW for quite some time. This has been particularly intensified since the “omamori” module came out, and the changes introduced in October, which heavily favored “icarus VII/icarus IV” builds.

I think a good adjustment to this weapon (and I say this as a user of it) would be to increase the spread of the weapon on the move.

(I apologize for possible misspellings or bad writing, English is not my first language).

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This weapon should be included in the upcoming changes for sure.

But the hover changes are also going to affect this weapon some too.