The “holiday is coming” pack as a gift!

We would like to congratulate the survivors from all over the Wasteland with the upcoming Christmas and New Year and present a festive “Elfmobile” with a unique “Festive bells” horn. All you need to do to receive the gift is log into the game before January 3 and claim the gift in the upper right corner of your garage.

New surprises, unusual events and curious parts will be waiting for you in 2054. We haven’t forgotten about console players as well: it’s very likely that survivors from different platforms will be able to face each other in battles in the next year!

See you in 2054, survivors!


Crossplay could come this year?
That’s huge!
I honestly think that crossplay could save the game, and be the thing that allows it to grow to the next level.

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Cool! Any new horn is great by me… especially if it’s free!

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I knew that would take a long time you have to get all the SDK from each individual company to work together. It’s no small feat to pull of especially with a custom built game engine.

I hope they include PC as I’d love to be able to share and play with you all more.


Yeah, I never believed the naysayers who said that the company wasn’t really interested in pursuing it. It seemed obvious to me that the devs know how much it would help the game, but that it was also not so simple to implement with the console companies.

I’m optimistic that it will include PC, because a few puzzling changes over the past year only make sense if that’s the end goal.

I agree, that would make the game even better. I get tired of battling the same groups over and over again when its late at night and there aren’t many PS players online. Plus if crossplay is allowed, I probably wouldn’t be battling 19,000 PS and 22,000 PS builds when Im going with my 13,500 PS build, which to me is ridiculous how the game allows this to happen. Its like a 1000 build going agains a 9000 ps build if you think about it

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They have to do it right though. I play Aliens Fireteam Elite and Crossplay makes the game lag and stutter sometimes. There are a lot of technical bugs to work out.

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They are going to do it anyway. Like most of their stuff, it will probably be wrong at release, and we will just have to endure it…they really beat the hell outta their player-base, and maybe that’s worth more than another Growl and a really cool Christmas horn?

I do like the Christmas wreath horn, but it’s no surprise that this game’s eternal status as a “Beta-Test,” provides for a dismal player population. Unless they change their evil ways, decide on a game format, and stop turning everything upside down, I would expect more of the same, and this (cross-play) will solve very little. Three days of premium hardly covers it, IMO.

I know they can get get their schit together (I’ve seen it), but even if they did, how long would that last before they smash it again? Personally, I’m tired of the tumult, and I hope all the rearranging of things over this last year, that has in large part been a prelude to cross-play (a complete reworking of all game mechanics, down to the menus), signals the end of Crossout’s fluid game economics, and they finally settle on a design and just cultivate it, rather than changing the dynamics and features every few months.

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I think the game is always going to be growing and require balance changes, but it does seem like they’ve been making a bunch of big changes over the last two years, addressing bigger structural things. I think they’ve been doing all that to gear up for a more official relaunch with crossplay.
Having said that, I don’t think this will ever be the kind of game where you can make a build and never have to update it to keep up with changes. They’re going to keep adding items, and that’s always going to keep the metas shifting.

For Christmas Targem gave us blue wheels and a .mp3

Horn is cool I like it
It won’t make me forgive all the bullsh1t this year but it’s neat and honestly a good part to give out, especially when they really don’t want to give out anything of importance to players for free
Still giving the game a middle finger It’s been a complete sh1tshow of a year for this game it’s been sh1tting the bed repeatedly and p1ssing all over the walls

For the record, Wargaming gifted a tier 9 premium for they’re clients with a trained crew.

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