The Inside Scoop

I took a look inside the cabs last night and thought I’d share some of what I saw. Some cabs are too dark, or aren’t very developed and not worth the screen-shot. I don’t have all the cabs either, so I can’t sneak into those…anyway, browse if you please, or maybe consider lobbying for cockpit view game play. I think it’d be a great way to experience Adventure Mode, if these graphics were dolled up a little. They’re a little Atari, IMO, and the quality ain’t great, but still, it’s a lot of detail for an unseen feature or unused game perspective.

The Pilgrim

The Trucker (CK Backbone)

The Kensei (this one has a Samurai Sword in place of the E-Brake…I imagine it to be what is supposed to engage it’s perk)

The Catalina

The Harpy

The Growl (CK McCampbell)

The Growl (vanilla)

The Quantum

The Jannabi

The Dusk

The Carapace

The Humpback


The devs do put alot of effort and detail into the game’s images and renderings, and I think the artwork is really top notch, even the stuff most people rarely see. It tells me they care about the quality of the game…if only they could put the same effort into player retention. :thinking:


What the “At Gunpoint” brawl could have been.

Growl (Ck McCampbell) is awesome, the Quantum is sick.

The Hippogriff is also very detailed, but I noticed its screenshot is not here.

The Jannabi has the best visibility, easily.

The Humpback and Dusk screenshots (Humpback especially) look pretty cinematic.

All in all…


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Hey thank you Doc for gifting us your time to create those cabin images!

Really really cool. I never even thought about what inside a cab might look like.

I totally dig learning new things. You rock the Kasbah for putting that topic together!



that one targem employee who actually gives a shit about the game