The interceptor should desactivate the barriere IX

Its also a autonomous device.

Yes, but the barrier protects the launched module. So if u launch interceptor outside of the bubble it’s only logical it won’t drop the barrier because the part generating the shield is protecting itself. Have you tried launching interceptor while inside the bubble? That in theory could work. I’ve never tested that though. I never use Interceptor.

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The interceptor works in a radius of 80 m.

So what? If your outside the shield the shield should protect itself from the interceptors blast. Because… ENERGY SHIELD…

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No, not really should work even outside.

why you got flagged?

Because people in our community are petty. There’s always this one player that reported every post I made and gave it a confused face reaction on forums. I haven’t seen the persons name, but i’m sure they are just using a different name now.

Tbh I thought you were the guy just now who had flagged my posts.

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I think it interceptor should have a counter to it and the Barrier IX is a good match to do that.

I disagree , do you ever play in clan battle (levi session)?

If your entire argument revolves around one mode I probably will not agree with you. As a whole I think it is good strategy to have counters for everything.

No counter for the barriere IX.

so the interceptor should counter the barriere IX.

If there is a barrier in place over some turrets or something similar. The first use of interceptor should only counter the barrier rather than the barrier and the protected turrets. A second use of interceptor would then be able to counter the turrets that were at one point protected. Is that clearer to you?

The interceptor desactivate the kapkan,why not the barriere IX?

Retcher instantly destroys barrier, and you want barrier gone because the only non cockpit leviathans that hold a chance against them without no brain Wing into them are barrier levis?

Oh and the interceptor works against barrier, but only before the shield goes up.


It would but it would have to follow a logical order of takedown.

Not really

Good Lord save our game please.

It is the only thing that lets non-cockpit levis have a chance against them, barrier takes one second to activate the shield after deployed, if you use the interceptor in that one second window the barrier will not activate the shield until the interceptor runs out or you go away.

if the levi have 4 barriere ix ? You do what?