The invasion meta has changed!

Stop using those tower leviathans because they are now easy pickings with the induction of the acari. You need to be using single story leviathans built like a tank with armor mainly attached to durable parts along with the argus module. My levi had like 20 victories in the past 3 days while everyone else’s levi is getting melted down by the acari and still ain’t caught on yet.

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Mines at almost 100% win rate right now but the score out is low. I’m using 4x goliath single story. I’ll get a pic of it later.

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Here it’s moderate in size for a levi:


Yea I looked up your profile saw your levi and it seems to be tanky enough. That’s what you needs stuff like goliaths/armored tracks etc all attached to durable frames. Those clan war double stackers and tower levis are just getting destroyed and people are still using them for invasion LMFAO.

You also need the argus especially after the buff because it can now cover the full length of the levi, I think it stops acari too.

I think it’s important to make them keep their distance from it. I.e to prevent flipping and wedging. So I have side mounted Flammer’s and tacklers just to keep people from getting close. The 2x millers have to cover the rear as well as anything else. You kind of have to guard each of the zones though while also doing short and long range.

Check out my garage while your in there I have built a rather interesting structure for the range.

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Ill check out your range later, mine is lame as hell lol.

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I had a lot of fun but waste so many resources on it.

Tis slow.
Doesn’t seem to pack much firepower.
I found fast well armed levi much more trouble. Also retchers is a must due to AI ballistic computer aiming it so well.
Yours looks okish, but it’ll burn in firepuddle well, all heated up making this armor less relevant.

p.s. 65 km/h… oh my, them devs keep bringing life to heavies.

I use to build them fast with drop off armor and missiles hidden behind stuff. I found the tanks are just more reliable though.

The gen and ammo are not in a normal spots so the puddles don’t really work on it as much as you’d expect.

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Avoid these types of levis designs because they simply don’t work any more in invasion. They might still be viable in clan wars but don’t know.

Basically levis like this

and this

and this

I never really liked the blaster toppers but I get why they were effective against some things.

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Yea but now these days all it takes is 2 acari hits and the weapons on top are essentially sitting on paper just waiting to crumble, these levis are now the easiest to destroy now. If acari gets nerfed they might be viable again but has of this moment they are not.

Mine takes a lot more than 2. The issue with them is the dmg decreases each hit. So the more hits and the closer you get to 25% the less effective the weapon gets. So you really need to stack the hp more to survive…

Yea you need the most durable parts you can get, bury the cab behind 20 goliaths if you got too and can afford it somehow. You can’t afford to have any weak attachment points anymore until acari gets nerfed.

I expect puddles to do what they do - simultaneous damage to every part.
A firepuddle from blight cab, stacked with Billie perk does 189 damage in 10 sec. So if he gets stuck anywhere he loses all structural parts leaving cab with 300-500 hp. Then it’s a question if it’s hidden deep enough and players can get to it.
If it don’t stuck, I’m just heating it and other allies will degun it(and me to as I have 2xsinus and incinerator on 5100 antilevi blight cab build, and plan 3xIMP with seal and incinerator on blight heavier build for future)

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Put the gen and ammo above frame level. It protects them a little.

I don’t care if you don’t have them on levi at all. I’m just heating all of it for team to deal more damage on it and pouring some precise MG fire myself. Heat it, degun it, finish it off. That’s my vector.

I normally try to leave the explodies off if I can do it but it’s hard to get around for some weapon usage.

I got my apollo plus ammo packs all attached to omamori. It lets me survive 1 to 2 full more incenerator hits before they explode.