The Kaganate needs brave warriors to fight for its glory (and hot rewards) 🔥

The Faction Wars have begun! Together, let us stoke a fiery tornado that will rage through the Valley and burn our enemies to ash!

This glorious booty will be yours if you join the Lunatics or the Firestarters, and fight relentlessly to bring glory to the factions of the Kaganate!

2023.10.16 003
The fabled Blazing Bird spirit will grace you with its presence, inspiring your team with a big morale boost!

2023.10.16 004
Proudly carry the emblem of the Fire Phoenix on your combat vehicle!

Our chances are now at 44%. We need more glory! Contribute to our success and partake in the spoils!

I’m already doing my part (you can find these on my exhibition, PC):
2023.10.16 001
Swooping down on my enemies like the Phoenix.

2023.10.16 002
Mercilessly routing the raider hordes.

Help us defend the Red Rocks and conquer the Valley! :fire:


I’ve made my decision and I, too, will be fighting for the Kaganate.


Me too!

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I’m down with the Kaganate too…I still haven’t figured out how to build (exclusively) with their structure parts though.

I’m with Kaganate. I always liked that area on the Adventure map.

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Why would we not change to the winning faction right before the timer ends?

Because everybody gets the same rewards, regardless of which team wins. This contest determines which set of rewards we all get.

Last I checked the wrong team was winning, too.

How do you raise the faction? I selected Kaganate but it seems the other one is higher.

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I think you just try and create as much activity (accumulate reputation) under that banner as you can. Play the hell outta the game while devoted to one of the factions involved.

To participate, you only need to select one of the following factions as active:

Scavengers or Steppenwolfs — to participate on the side of the Brotherhood
Lunatics or Firestarters — to participate on the side of the Kaganate

After this, all the reputation you earn in battles will also be taken into account in the progress of the Faction war. The result of each side is the amount of reputation the survivors have earned by working for one of the factions it relates to.

Reading over those conditions, I think it may help to doll up your ride a bit, and use plenty of decor?


It seems the Kaganate is going to lose all five stages. So you’ll end up getting the Brotherhood rewards.

  1. Some misunderstood the event description as saying they had to be in the winning faction, or they wouldn’t get anything when the event is over. It’s the most ridiculous reason, and but the added percentages on the Brotherhood’s side provided a rapid snowball effect. According to reddit, there are a few of those.
  2. New players go for parts with more HP, so they add extra advantage to the Brotherhood. And they can stay there for 70+70 days of levelling the basic 15 levels alone. Out of curiosity, I analyzed a few parameters of the parts in basic faction levels.
    2023.10.26 002
    These numbers may not be exact, especially the count/estimation of blocks in some parts.
    Blocks - the total number of blocks of all the parts with HPs.
    HP - the total HPs of all the parts with HPs.
    Weight - the total weight of all the parts with HPs.
    HP/B - the amount of HPs per 1 Block.
    W/HP - the weight of 1 HP.
    W/B - the weight of 1 block, or ‘density.’

This breakdown shows that the Lunatics’ parts could use some buffing. In comparison the the Nomads’:
a) They have fewer HPs per block,
b) Their HPs are heavier,
c) At a similar part density.

Similarly, the Scavengers’ parts provide many more HPs at considerably less weight.

Which is why it makes a lot of sense for new players to choose the Scavengers instead, and thus contribute to the Brotherhood’s victory, even if they soon get discouraged by the grind and quit Crossout forever. There only have to be enough of them grinding those XPs at any given time.

  1. Many will want rewards from the same theme. And even if some don’t, due to the two above-mentioned factors, switching won’t be possible.

  2. And after the first stage ended, we learned the percentages don’t reset. :upside_down_face: :hammer:

This event is a fiasco. The winning side should be decided in combat, e.g., by collecting ‘victory points’ for one’s chosen side. Or better yet - personalized rewards for each player, so everyone’d be able to get the exact ones they like.

Maybe the Kaganate is winning on the PlayStation because the player turnover rate is lower over there, so fewer players need to focus on grinding for parts? And they have more veterans who happen to prefer the more colorful Kaganate theme? Some of whom even remember what Crossout used to be about years ago? That’s what the playerbase and the exhibition used to be like back in 2017 and 2018 - more of a Mad Max feel.

I crafted 3 Firestarter Standards, then stopped when I saw I wasn’t making a dent in the result. I’ll keep grinding for the Kaganate, knowing that those XPs aren’t doing anything. One more reason to finally quit.


My understanding was that “reputation” earned would be the number that decided it, and it looks more like what’s happening is simply based on how people voted initially by choosing sides. I can’t tell if activity (earning Reputation) makes any difference on PC. The number doesn’t fluctuate at all, and it looks decided already.

That sounds ideal to me. What we got is very basic menu war with very minimal mechanics (pick one of two cards), it would appear.

The artwork is nice, and I would have liked to have gotten some of the Kaganate goodies, but I haven’t seen the needle move in days.

I can’t say there was ever a chance that I’d use either profile pics, but I think the Kagans was way cooler. If I was a dame, I’d be more disappointed.

She’s bad-ass…but I doubt a lot of dames play this game. IDK.

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