The Kensei has arrived! 🥲

A medium cabin that drives like a light cabin for 6 seconds… With the Bastion’s horn… You know what’s next - it’ll be required to enter a Clash of Engineers contest in the future! :smiling_face_with_tear:

Oh, and the Kensei is getting an energy nerf… Hm, let me guess, in 32 days or more? :smiley: The energy rework will make light epic cabins 24 energy, and medium epic cabins 23 energy - in case someone missed that.

So yeah, enjoy your 6-second car. :wink:

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The thing is pretty bad, i cant lie. But with sexy curves like that, we owe it to Kensei to find him a meta.

Umm…i may have just thought of it. Shotgun wedge. Its shaped like a wedge, and has buku power on demand. I say we wedge, press the button, and cart mf’ers off to Narnia at about 120kph.


I quite like it, even if it’s not the best thing ever, activating a speed boost at the push of a button is just so much fun

I do find a quite niche use for it, like I did on the Yokozuna, it can take certain type of players by surprise. For example, a hover player indefinitely backing up faster than your own build starts to take his time killing you rather than full on shoot to kill as fast as possible, most likely spams the laughter horn or hologram a few times rather than firing as much as he could, or a small omni wheel build made to spin around your own build out of reach and does the same kind of stuff. Basically players who’ve gotten a bit too full of themselves and don’t destroy you instantly, with a sped boost you can suddenly whip around and ram into them, or if it’s a hover under them, disrupting their “flow” and sometimes this makes them mess up and get killed by teammates, or you just ramming a wheel that cripples them for the fight, eventually costing them their life

Just now managed to psychological warfare a hover build that I can’t touch with my current Tachi build into backing up right into a minefield on the map, simply by suddenly coming towards him faster than before and taking him by surprise

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I could see it working on a skinner build.
Might pick one up on the market if prices go low enough.

I was about to pass, but “carting mf’ers off to Narnia at about 120kph” sounds like peak XO gameplay as far as I’m concerned. I’m in.