The King is Dead. Long Live the King

Planned maintenance on PС servers, July 14


Today, starting from 06:00 GMT, PС game servers may be temporarily unavailable due to planned maintenance.

Thank you for your patience!

The Crossout Team

It’s back on.

Now, let’s clear something out.

Previous 75lvl BP has had 6 weekly challenges which gave us 7000+7000+7000+7000+2500+2500=33000 per week (exclusing daily challenges).

Current 75lvl BP offers us same 6 weekly challenges but now it’s 5000+5000+5000+5000+4500+4500=29000 per week.

Because you were progressing too fast, kids. I wonder why it’s not 1000 for all 6 challenges.

Got to get people to buy those elite battle passes somehow instead of just giving us a measly ten eurodollars


I’m not seeing the effects of the new co-drivers system like I thought I would. In fact I just played a PVP match on a team with 3 co-drivers (I haven’t chosen any) vs a team with none, and we got pwnd by the team with none…so…eh?
I expected there to be a stronger difference, but not so much.

I’ll bring some more numbers. 200+300+400+500+600 points each day is 2000 poins per day and 14000 per week. 14000+29000 means 43000 points per week grinded, which leaves us with 8 levels per week maximum (excluding purchased levels).

9 weeks is required to get to level 75. The middle of September.

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wow. :no_mouth:

They reduced progress points earned this BP? That suuuuuux so hard… Gaijin went the wrong direction with that one. Booooooooo!

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Why would you want to have any of this faster? If you dont want to play this game, there is a life hack - dont. I see BP as complementary for people who play a lot - if oyu dont enjoy the actions necessary to get BP rewards, you are not enjoying the game - why bother at all?


Typically, those kids who get the goods first get to pwn players with the typically OP, often broken weapons and gear before they get nerfed.

That’s one possible reason. Another might be that there isn’t much in the first level or three usually, and they’d like to get on with it.

I think I’m with you on this, though. I’m OK with it being extended a little, and don’t typically charge through it anyway. Maybe it will improve traffic and player retention to have it this way too, which is, IMO, one of the issues this game is struggling with.

Why would I want new toys faster? You say that like it’s a bad thing. Yeesh…this isn’t like chasing endgame. I enjoy my journey in a game. But this is different.

It just puts more stratification between free players and the guys that buy the whole battle pass out on the first day. If Devs end up actually pushing this game in to a pay to win category population will plummet far faster. And I just dropped a game because it was p2w. I pray crossout doesn’t do that. It will die way faster. And I’d like to play this game as long as possible.

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