The Lost Wolves - Casting and Production

Hey Hey! I know there’s a couple of you out there who are REALLY SUPER interested in the creative process of things and YOU should definitely keep track of this post.

I could use some SERIOUS help in making The Lost Wolves just a bit better than The Ravaging. Story ideas. Direction ideas. Scene blocking/layout ideas.

Full Disclosure: I may or may not use your idea. I may or may not use your idea in FULL. Even so, if you want to take a chance and grab this small time opportunity to make a short “movie” with me, then, let’s hear what you got!

Story Requirements: the ideas expressed should do their best to have a starting point from the content that currently exists, as far as Crossout Lore is considered. Deviating from the existing lore should happen as little as possible.

Technical Requirements: Ability to record and post on youtube. Eye for good camera angles. LOTS OF PATIENCE.

Projects like this tend to take a couple years and I’m only about a month into the pre-production stage. Sections of the video will be posted as they are somewhat completed, then, once ALL scenes are done, a full “Directors Cut” will be released at SOME POINT.

You down?

As a casual video editor and gamer, this sounds interesting. I wish you luck.
I personally have very little free time and don’t really understand the CrossOut Lore even after 5 years of playing.

What we REALLY need from CrossOut in this department is mini-movie that fully explains it from the CrossOut “event” (whatever that was) to the 4 original factions - arrival of the Ravagers - the other factions etc…

Could you flesh out a little more what you’re looking for?

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here’s my 1st mini “movie” in the series. tries to explain the Ravagers, but I dropped the ball on a lot of things, so im making a 2nd attempt with The Lost Wolves. I have 3 episodes of the The Lost Wolves so far, you can find them on my channel.

as far as fleshing out what I’m looking for. after you watch that video, take a look at this post:

after reading that post, have a watch of this 1st Lost Wolves Episode