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Have you ever heard of this software for doing visual novels a lot of indie gamers use it.

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never heard of it. i’ll check it out, ty!

im not that teck savvy. I know how to produce in the old sense of film and tv. Digital productions are out of my brain-league

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It’s able to deal with both video and still images and uses python to navigate between them and use text prompts for story devices. Just thought you might just find it interesting since you like storytelling.

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It’s very much appreciated :slight_smile: I tried to learn python about 8 months back. Seeing as it’s something kids use, I thought maybe I had the brain power for it but, alas, such is not so.
BUT! I do know how to “animate” by way of using per-sculpted and pre-scripted models. May I ask if yo’ve seen any of my XO cartoons?

I haven’t seen any of your works beyond a youtube video you posted here. Python isn’t just for kids it’s just an upper language level model that takes a lot of work out of doing simple things. The load of the language is greatly reduced in in renpy just for storytelling navigation and setting variables and stuff. You don’t have to understand how to make a full mini-game to use it though you can make use of all of it. Check their demos out and what you can pick away at them, much of the lower legwork is done already…

Keyframe animation is interesting and is a really useful tool in most of the modern engines. Most of the VFX engines have gone that route too now. There’s a really cool program if you just like doing animation called: Cascadeur that you might want to check out too.

There’s a free opensource VFX one too that you could try out for some stuff too. If your looking for free type of stuff that works.

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I’ve been lookin at some vids of ren py, tutorials as well as some actual projects people have done, and it looks like something I might be able to mess around with, so, when I get some free time, that’s what i’ll be doing :slight_smile:

As for VFX and production I use PowerDirector in conjunction with Second Life. I got several XO cartoons that take me about 8 hours to make 1 minute of footage for, and I have one XO cartoon I spent 2 years making (totaling 30 minutes). Link → The Ravaging

Nice hope to see you push some small VNs or games out.

is just an editor the other does effects like aftereffects and motion the stuff the base editor isn’t normally geared for…

I’ve never played with it though I know it has a huge following. Honestly I’ve seen people use skyrim to produce their stuff in and then bring it into renpy too. So it’s really use what works for you as long as you can format or convert it to something that it will use.

All of the animations and fx take a long time I’ll check it out shortly. Clearing my dailies out right now. I can spend hours just making a single character lol…

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I noticed there are some resolution scaling issues in the edits mostly the older ones. I don’t know powerdirector that well but what you might try to do is upscale and downscale the source videos to make sure all of the clips match correctly then the pixel edges will blend better when feathered.

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I did enjoy the video’s too btw…

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ty for the tips!

I’d love to tell you all about what happened and how it happened, i just don’t want it to sound like I’m making excuses…it was a learning process you can say.

I’m not going to stop you most things in digital video are a learning experience… It wasn’t so long ago that everything was analog.

In regards to the scaling issues, that wasn’t due to PowerDirector, no, that was Second Life. For a good portion of this project I only had access to a laptop for recording and, it was only when I got a PC that I was able to start production on anything. Going back and getting re-shoots in SL on a PC was something that I had not even considered. At the point I got the PC, I was in “Get’er Done!” mode. Future projects are gonna have a better consideration.

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I was going to suggest maybe looking at daz3d or character creator 3D Character Maker | Character Creator If you wanted to bump up the resolution in the figure models but its’ hard to suggest a change over when someone might already have a lot of assets in something else. I can understand though.