The Mad Flagger is found!

why is this behavior even allowed here?

this is why i always said we should have something like a “downvote” or “not like” opition, like how the confused face was used, even if it was used the wrong way, it was better than people spamming flags; so people can express their negative opinion on a subject without this kind of stuff happening.
i used to ask that in the older forum so the confused face could actually be used when someone was “confused” and not just as budget downvote

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Nah, I mean… we knew you were one of the ones in the old forums. That’s not changed bud.

Also… given that you’re the first response… the first view… and Davekko already got their post flagged? You have to realize that no one is going to buy the lie, right?

That you kinda… double exposed yourself?

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An easy way to address the mad flagger would be if we could see who flagged the post.
I don’t think there’s just one person abusing the function, but it would be very funny if it turned out it was just one very mad person.


Just look at who got the snitch badges first to know who were the confused face/report derps, it’s pretty simple.


The flagging feature was a mistake. It’s no surprise that people will abuse it for their petty drama and disagreements with others.


That can be said of the entire forum change. I’m barely sticking around here but with all of the just stupidity I’m not about to invest much effort into the place. The forum is dead and the console players killed it, now it’s extra dead because the devs practically reset everything.

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The first two responders to this thread are two of the three flagging spazes I’ve discovered so far. And one of them at least to my knowledge has at least one other forum account other than the one we see here.


good find, we conradulate you for your diligence

Yes, one of the console players with reputation for being generally unpleasant and insane has an alt account that while not everything they say is equally agreeable is generally reasonable enough. /s




Not even sortof. Good try though.

Also yea… Well known console player with mostly unintelligible linguistic skills demonstrating a distinct “english as a second language and not acquired in a formal setting” speech pattern… Vs Me.

I play PC. I’m quite well known in the discord and in the game and while a pain in the tail? I only report -actual- hate speech and slur usage. You know… the sorts of things that really just don’t need to be around. Otherwise… I will, generally, just openly mock you. Like I’ve done with you repeatedly Tenshi… like I’m doing right now.

No need for Managers, that gives you someone to hide behind. :slight_smile:

I also usually would prefer for your words to remain in place unless it’s -actually- slurs. You acting a fool should be a matter of public record and to be honest I’d rather even the things that get you in trouble simply be click to read. If you’re going to act like an idiot publicly, that should be publicly recorded. JS.

Everyone with the achievement.

The post I reported can’t be discussed, but it was only one here and to get the badge to move up to member because gamification of forum ranks :wink:

However… I sounded the alarm about the flag system quite some days before. Note the people who were flagging posts for a week or two before me. Consider for a moment who we always previously thought was the constant confused reacts.

We all know who those players were out of that list of people who obviously got the report function in the first day or two of the new forums.

what’s your point?–you like pointing fingers at everyone?
News Flash–(you can Flag your own post)…you never read anything do you?..dumb question.

Wow… that was a rapid-fire load of deflection from the points made.

Funny how that works there Mud.

Everyone on the old forums was convinced it was you, Zhetesh, and RoughMonkey. The evidence seems to thoroughly back that up at this point Mud. You were, LITERALLY the first person not an administrator to flag someone’s post sweetheart…

Do you really expect anyone to buy what you’re trying to sell when that’s a demonstrable and provable fact?

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calm down Karen,don’t drop your Tin Foil Hat…

I’m not the one screaming for a manager, but your projection there? Looks good on you.

LOVE that you’re sharing real pics of yourself too.

Might I suggest though, that more exercise than pushing yourself away from the report button 3 times a day is needed?

Wait… wait… forgot… You just want everything nerfed so your shotgun wedge lets you deadhead the game while you report everyone in between matches because you have no authority in reality and this is your sad little attempt to have control in some aspect when you don’t.

It’s why someone simply pointing out reality spins you out -so- hard. Because it represents a loss of your miniscule and ephemeral control.

I do enjoy the show out of you though Mud.

i haven’t Flagged any of your crap…er…posts…but i’m a mad flagger…
but you still feel the need to belittle everyone with an opinion on a game that has zero to do with you…why karen? the world needs to know…y does it hurt so much when we have our Own opinions?..

:upside_down_face: :popcorn: :popcorn:

Oh boy, and some people keep telling the gaem iz ded!

…the forum sure is not!


Fun facts Mud: I’m note white, I’m not asking for a manager. :slight_smile:

You’re the one screeching for managers and you keep projecting your behavior in the insults you choose. Note that since I pointed out that you’re the mad flagger and gave -photo evidence-… people’s posts aren’t getting mass flagged now.

You could just keep demanding the managers (Developers) nerf everything to suit you while nonsensically responding to anyone who points out your fallacious stances and poor behavior (even though we have you dead to rights with your behavior and proof) and see where that gets you… or… or

You can just…

Stop. Stop trying to ruin the game for everyone else with your snitching and complaining. Stop thinking that spam-reporting is funneh. Stop thinking that projective insults are somehow good deflection. Stop, in short, being a bad actor in the forums. Please? I know that’s going to be hard, it’s become your rote habituation. Just like that mace wedge. You obviously get fixated on something and -do not let it go-… but just this once? Try.

GL with all of it, but I won’t be responding further to you. Don’t want to push you far enough you’re willing to risk further confirming your behavior and flagging. :slight_smile: