The matchmaking is a lie

Another 3 hours playing with my Bigram anti melee/tempura build at 5k where all those critters are,
The melee and tempura builds were always on my team, i only met one sad cerberus driving into me in that time.

like i said in this posts headline, the matchmaking is a lie.

You guys seem to forget one simple thing, there’s just not enough players at any given time.
Without enough people, the matchmaking can’t be working properly, and I’m pretty sure that’s the reason.
-It’s actually getting worse over time with what I feel like a dwindling playerbase, not so bad in PVP but in patrols you get half a team on lets say 9k ps and the other half on 12-13kps and that didnt happen as much few months back.-
Why would there be bots in the first place otherwise?

pretty useless post i mean some offtopic advice most of it is just useless chatter about something all crossout players should already know already and that is Matchmaking in this game is NOT fair…at any score cause of bots.

Pretty uselesss reply to this post you havent seem to read where your awnser is, “because of bots”

I meet a player in 20 games, even playing me at a lower ps. When that player should be in another category. That he enters one or two games due to lack of players could accept it. That I already play in that category is not a mistake.

i see all this hate for such a random topic, i would say stop but this is crossout… anyhow,

In the beginning stages of the game when you just started there is a invisible damage buff so that not “only one team wins”. (It’s a practiced method in most games)

On this topic in particular, there were tries to prove that the game wants to keep you at a 50/50 win rate. It’s feasible to think that the invisible buff still exists, but the game has a lot of stats to pull from when matching ppl up. So over all it might be biased towards you but not intentionally

Good luck with the doggo hunt. :upside_down_face:

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play the hours mr doggo hunt and if you have a brain you will realize that you mostly encounter enemy builds you are most vulnerable against.

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playing the knightly chaos event in my team there were two players with 0 and 23 points while in the rival team no one dropped below 800 points

i did tend to notice that. though i mostly just do pve instead of pvp. mostly cause i just hate pvp and the try hards who run the same uninspired builds constantly. the worse is when im running a weapon i want to run but the instant someone sees me running a certain weapon they just run up with either shotguns or a melee build and rip them off. theres certain weapons you cant run in here due to this. i tried running a quasar and literally any person who seen me instantly came after me. im on hovers? oh thats even worse. hovers are an insta target for other players, especially shotguns, they see even a cloud of dust and they are like the seagulls from finding nemo “mine mine miiiiine!”

its why i quit pvp, i cant run the builds i want without getting swarmed by hungry car muchers.

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This is very true, I think. No matter what parameters the Matchmaker may or may not be using to set up your matches, it works better when more people are playing.

Rotate your builds, mix it up, and don’t play the same thing all night when it gets bad, I say.


True, but that’s for us that don’t play dog day and night. A bit of variety really feels good