The matchmaking is a lie

Here i am with my pewpewcar and no protection vs melee or tempuras, i play for 2 hours and meet atleast 3 of them every game.
Coolcool, i make an anti melee and tempura bigram build at the same power score, 2 hours later of battles i have only met 2 melee enemies in all that time.
Looks like the developers just want you to die vs the builds you are most vulnerable against.

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Pretty sure that’s just bad luck my dude lmao.

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Bad luck or preplanned despair?, try it for yourself

I’ve had similar before and it doesn’t happen often and trust me I’m not the one with good luck lol.

It’s bad luck. Don’t attribute malice where it isn’t necessary.


Malice rules the world buddy, why would it be any different here?

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Because that’s not true.


And how do you know that is not true?

Sigh… Perhaps because there’s many other reasons and things to use instead, like progressing as a company or individuals, etc… Yknow things that doesnt need to be good or evil to be accepted or to be effective AKA almost everything you can think of. Malice on that level in this scenario is a funny fallacy at best.

Thank you General weaksauce for your weaksauce reply.

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To a very useless post, very useless and obvious responses. You’re very welcome. :blush:

thank you for welcoming me, while you are not, what are you doing here?

Because it wasnt that useless at first but just a bit dubious, but now that it is I think I’ll just leave you to ponder in your little fantasy cloud and go do something more meaningful than losing my time here. Have fun! :blush:

im glad i made you waste your time here talking to me, in this time i saved you from all the horrors you would have encountered out there, but now that this time is up, i wish you good luck.

It looks like derp is the new nonsense forum complainer. How annoying…


Yes. They do. It’s supposed to be fun for everybody. It’s not always. Rotate your builds. Like, drones, then shotguns, then Melee, or cannons…whatever. Don’t try too hard to win all the time. I like to use some builds just for crash and burns, like Boom-Sticks. I think cannons tend to score low, even if you do well (have fun).
Or, play at 14K. That works too, because you are at the game’s ceiling. Then the matchmaker is your 817CH, and you’re basically at the top of the pyramid.

Never mind those other guys. They took the blue pill. It’s too late for them.

Guys need to enjoy the life of the game and not waste time on empty chatter!I enjoy life working in plastic surgery here cosmetic practice!


Now think about it:
If the matchmaking is bad to you because it always puts you against builds that counter your build… Then that same matchmaking is really good to those players because it gives them something they counter easy.

I mean, by what you are saying, isn’t it supposed to give everyone their counters? You obviously didn’t counter those melee and tempuras, so why did THEY get you?
Unless the matchmaking hates you specifically?

OR ware there things that counter them in your team? By that, every team would have something that counters something else in the other team. Meaning every player gets both easy and tough opponents. Which is perfectly fine.


I do not doubt that there are things that are programmed to happen, and I do not doubt that the game helps players who invest more money
something very common is that I make a car of 2500 and in front I have cars of 3000 ps, ​​but if I raise my car to 3000 I no longer fight against 2500, my rivals have almost 4000 ps

That’s by design. When the MMing is working ideally, you’re facing enemies +/- 1000 PS of you.