The most unfortunate update i have seen in my 6 years of crossout

I will be short and as objective as possible.

Why unfortunate? Because while it has some very good things, it also broke the game.

The good things:

Graphics update and sound effects, love the graphics and the new sound wheels do when they travel.
Everything about the graphics i have seen so far is excellent, it elevated the game to another level (finally).
Excellent last moment decision to keep old camera and control scheme.
I also like the more realistic wheel movement, think they went a little overboard, but maybe it will be moderated through some testing on different wheel setups and shapes.

The bad:

Spider controls feel worse than before, turning a little to the right and left is a little better, but all other movement became worse, slower and clumsier.
Legs were supposed to be harder to push, i got pushed by a breaker kami on my nova yesterday exactly like i used to, it came from the side and i could not stop it from pushing me around. Will test if the same happens to my humpback.

Hovers…Well, they are broken. At the moment i find no serious reason to play anything else, yes their movement is also much clumsier but who cares about that if they can run from and chase-kill everything.
They are as broken as the 90km hovers in low ps 5 years ago, only now they are heavier and still more maneuverable than anything else in the game.
I saw hover jumps above things reaching more than 10 meters above the obstacle.

The after death carcass is a good idea in theory but in practice it kinda messes up the game…
It wouldnt mess it up that much though if there wasnt ONE atm broken movement part that can fly above the obstacle that was just created by a death which alters everyone elses gameplay significantly.

Im sad because this update seem to have true potential, make the game brand new and shuffle things, bring some new movement parts to light, new guns…But no. Instead of broken kami wheel breakers now we got broken kami hover breakers.


yep, sad… time has come for wheeled hover kami breaker, fun because it’s such nonsense, but really sad because in one update every kind of gameplay people used to love is ruined… such a performance! People from many clans just thinking to quit, nice!


I would be lying if i said im not thinking of taking a break from the game also.
I want to do some testing first with wheels, legs and some other movement parts…But i already know it is in vain, im not playing sub par or invest in fusing hovers just because devs decided that there will be one dominant movement part.

No worries hovers sucks is better to use bigrams

They are harder to use longrange (as they should be imo), to open up a path so that other movement parts can use long range without being sub par.
But they are broken mid-short range.

I acctuly got depressed from playing cw yesterday i got a feeling i can delete everything i have build to play cw with because Kami Hover = goes 95 to 105± speed while abusing strafe mechanic / anything land based doesnt go the same speed or has that mobility of the Hover movement part.

Then i also dont understand the dev’s they mentioned themselfs in a update that the hover was the most toxic movement part ingame. So now its totaly toxic to the point of making me want to quit the game.
If they keep it like this i dont see any reason to play clanwars anymore the creativety is death.

Just get punisher hover or breaker hover and chase people around.
Got a cannon hover? good luck they just jump you / dont care and you do less DPS then anything else.
Even if you get every shot a hit on target it doesnt mather they got more DPS and a omamori…

Small track caps out at 91 with a cheetah engine / and even with golden eagle it would be 100 but you wont escape the swarming bees (hover builds with kami breaker or punisher).

So yeah you get degunned before you can even play the match and chased around until you die.
Theres nothing inbetween anymore then only this result.

Any Firebug build can also go into the garbage the hovers are flying way higher then before and the kami makes them uncatchebale + the speed they have its litteraly activate the kami and run away once you try get a person catched…

Ather weird bug is that serten hover players SPAZ out if you touch them or are able to touch them with a melee build. ive only had that happen 1 time and that guy flew straight up in the air as a rocket ship and came back to the ground and SPAZED out into the ground / couldnt move.

I just firebugged him to death because he was litteraly stuck in the map…
But yeah update is great blalbla but this with the hovers eugh…

Its like they dont even care or test anything… a few live streams ago they said (We want to slow down the game)… well i geusse that worked out great…

facepalming i dont know i hope they fix this situation ASAP or i might need find ather game to play and enjoy.

I stil feel unhappy about the hover speeds and now they are totaly toxic in clanwars good luck playing something different its not gone happen. :expressionless:

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