The Nagual

ive tried these thingsand wow are they something…

their accuracy is quite high and i was sniping off ai weapons from quite far away. hell i ran 3 of them unfused and knocked off the spikes on the spike bots in 1 shot. i even got a double shot off.
i mean they arent that bad. if i were to fuse them id want reload speed for all 3 of them. i ran 3 of them with the hadron and a reload booster plus a scope. if you can get past the size of these weapons and the reloading they are pretty good for sniping. the only thing you need to be wary of is their spread. it takes a few seconds to reset the spread on them which hinders them slightly. but they really arent that bad. if anything i think they reload faster with the reload booster and the hadron.

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Also a fan, but I’ve been running them with manitou.
They remind me of what is fun about medians, but more interesting.

I can’t get mine to work at all. If anybody gives them so much as a dirty look they fall off. Lately I haven’t even bothered with guns at all, and did nothing but drones last night, simply because I’m tired of trying to find clever ways to hide my guns…well, I did shotguns too. Shot guns still work fine…I just shoot everybody’s guns off. :melting_face:


Its a cool novelty but its completely useless for anything competitive. Its got no DPS nor alpha strike.

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Nifty weapon I like it , Sadly not my play style and get my hat handed to me when using it in battle.

I’m still liking them, but I will admit that it’s hard to get dual gun builds working.

They’re definitely not OP, but they reward careful skilled playing. If I’m in the zone, I can do fairly well. If I’m not, it’s instant death.

Nagual is upsetting me. I have a truckload of Medians to sell, but they aren’t drawing a high price, because Nagual is the shiny new little cannon setup and everyone seems to be flocking to it. I never used it, but I don’t like the spread problems that it has.

Remember: If you want to win, play Median.

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I used to love medians when no one else was using them, but then they got popular and the price surged, and I got greedy and sold mine.
I like Nagual better. The explosive damage and the perk is really nice. Yes, you can’t shoot your three shots quickly and keep accuracy, but it’s easy to see when the bloom disappears, and it still allows you to shoot faster than medians. And in close range situations you can empty the three chambers super fast if you need to.
I’m not sure how they are without manitou though. I use the cabin perk to charge my shots most of the time, so I’m doing extra damage.

There’s just a buttload of them and it takes a while sometimes all most year after one of those crafting events for the price to go high again. It’s one of those reasons I never make many of them.

I’ve nearly been got by a flaming cab with a gun because the thing loses that much accuracy with bloom. It will miss at 50 meters, thing has the dispersion of a shotgun with its bloom.

they reload faster with the hadron and reload booster. 3 of these things can 2 or 3 shot alot of cannons. even the mastodon and mammoths fear these things. land a perfect shot and that damage really hurts especially from 3 landing their hits. ive stripped many bots from afar with them and theres not a whole lot of projectile drop either, they resemble a typhoon for their projectile trajectory or possibly even better then typhoons for that. i can also 1 shot alot of other weapons to. helios, punishers, even the cyclone fear these things if you can get off some surprise shots. even scorpions have something to fear with these as a volley can destroy scorpions. i havent checked the fusion perks so idk if they get reload speed but if they do, fuse them for reload, slap 3 on a hadron with reload booster and watch them do their thing!
or hadron, 2 nagual and possibly a reload booster and a king for reload speed or even another faster reloading gun and they are something fierce.

yes you NEED to ease off of it for a bit especially after the second shot. 1 is perfect. 2 is meh and 3 has the most spread. if you want to check the spread slap 3 on a build, slap on a scope like the neutrino and fire it to see how big the spread is from varying distances or just to see the spread in general. it gets bad the more you quick fire. it takes a few seconds to focus fire again.

Yeah, but you can still fire quicker than a median, even waiting for the bloom to recede. And it seems to recede on a curve, so while firing your follow up shots immediately will make you miss, in mid to close range you can get away with firing a lot quicker.
If it didn’t have that bloom, it would potentially be OP. I mean I would love to be able to shoot the three rounds really quickly, but I would not be happy about others being able to.