The new armour vs damage piercing damage

First of all, where can i check the new chart of faction’s parts resistance to type of damage?
When the new BP went live i saw it in my garage, but now i can’t find it.

Now, what brought me here.

the new mechanics…well… they are new. But my first impressions.

They “sold” the new mechanics as a way to nerf who ever used flimsy screens as armour to protect them against the bad big cannon shells.
I never used that BS on my builds, my builds have sturdy, thick slabs of armour as protection, in a layered fashion always when possible.
But since they changed the interaction between armour vs weapons, the practicality tells me that all type of armour are in the same boat now.
I’m noticing a difference. Are my builds good against cannons? Yes. But not as good as before.
I prefer things as they were before. I don’t mind spaced armour or even flimsy screens as long my armour belt type of armour remains intact
Other thing that’s makes no sense.
Plows are plows no matter which faction they belong to, that sort of parts ( not only plows ) should have the same traits, against, at least, cannon shells, they are heavy AF but they are designed to do heavy “lifting”
Giving those parts different behavers to different type of damage is doubling the trade off we chose to make, in the first place, thus doubling the nerf.
If they want to maintain this model, they should at least, reducing the mass of these kind of parts while maintaining the resistance.
By how much?
I don’t know
How about the same percentage they lost against cannons.
If a plow, or a terribull bar, container door or something in these lines are not level 15 against cannons, then their weight should be reduced by 5%, 10% or even 15%.
A small plow has what now? level 10? If so then this particular part should have a 5% mass reduction while maintaining the current durability points.

What do you think?

I’m not sure anything needs changed yet.

We need more time to see how everything are going to be when it all settles.

I’m going to bet that even if they make a change it will be months down the road.

So for now I would suggest rebuilding your builds to match the new system.

I seen resistances in part description

against scorp, against cannons, against reaper, against cyclone and stillwins, etc etc. Making this weapons useless.

Now its balanced so this weapons are not so bad against them. Tho scorp little too good.

Screen armor still works, but mostly against retchers/rockets that do not have projectile damage. I guess they should still change their damage to have some projectile damage too.

Yes, but some types are better against one weapon, while other against other weapon. Its up to you to decide now. There is no more one-op way to armor vehicle.

Sure because cannons were very weak before, so its good.

It do remain intact, only spaced armor was nerfed rly. Currently only nerf for your armor is Scorpion weapon really that can melt your armor much more than before. (spaced or not, scorp pass through more elements now)

Thats cool idea to make them even different. Its good now that they are different, but it would be cool to add perks to them ofc.

But now in general, you feel like you are weak against 1 weapon type? Then you should feel sorry about other build types were 4 weapons melt them down. Most weapons that exist there are some “counter”.

If you want your build to have Zero counter builds, its not correct in game logic

So do i, but without a caption saying what that symbol refers to i can’t make out, i have to guess.

There never was an OP way to a armour your vehicle. But you can specialize your vehicle to counter one specific weapon.

I’m not so certain of that , my builds were made to absorb direct hits from cannons, now they do the same but less.

IMO, perks should be given by modules, like flywheels not movement parts, cabs, and whatnot

Not weak but weaker than in what use to be.

No. Just one. I build to counter cannons, nothing more, nothing less.

very easy counter to cannons are cabins / movement parts tanking (or even just nova cabin that block it all almost) where explosion do not touch other parts. Very very very easy counter. While anti-this is destructor for example. What is cool with this is that you can mix it with grills to allow projectile pierce them 9 blocks further, so explosion dont hit frontal area, while frontal area protect against raycasting weapons.

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I wouldn’t go so far as that, i have a lot of experiences to do, usually, they still need to spend a lot of ammo to get rid of me but i feel my build lost some of efficiency they used to have…

It’s a race that i can’t drop to second place.

But with rebuilding you can gain it back.

it’s why i’m asking where’s the list where i can check which parts are level 15 against cannons and if it’s worth any replacing of parts e.g.

A small plow it’s from Nomad’s faction, now it doesn’t have any percentage against cannons, it will be worth or not to replace for another part with less durability but with higher percentage against cannons? and things like that.

Rebuilding? I don’t know, i’m pretty confident in my designs.
take a look . ( my most recent build)
This armour layout it’s not new, i used it for a while now on my heavy builds and i managed to do it with a medium build.
If i can reproduce it with a different set of parts or better than what i could refine so far. As i said i need to experiment.

I’m now second guessing my frontal armour

The cab it’s a place holder but with a compact heavy cab i can put more armour

I would look in the news on the main website.

like RM said.

But first of all, i would not care about this resistances so much, since this resistances give too low protection anyway.

Again, if you want protect from cannons, just use Nova/Aegis/Barrier/Goliaths/Bumpers(that dont allow explosion go other parts)/Cabin-defence-builds/etc

Ofc you start well using bumpers, but its mainy for hovers and to hide weapons agaisnt cannons.

If you want full counter agaisnt cannon, make Nova/Aegis/Barrier/Goliaths/Bumpers(that dont allow explosion go other parts)/Cabin-defence-builds/etc

i can repeat it multiple times ,there are a lot of counters, where cannon damage could be even lowered to 0% at 1 vs 1, or 2 vs you. Its more about cabins/modules itself and about what you try to do now, so using bumpers.

I understand you could feel wrong, since you have low tier cabin/etc. But in time you will get more parts for sure.
Even DAZE is anti cannon/kaiju since used in proper time can do a lot to cannon. THo mostly its anti rush builds, but also usefull as rush build.

Simple Full-Anti cannon-build 1:
Nova + barrier
Simple Full-Anti cannon-build 2:
Bastion + Omamori
Simple Full-Anti cannon-build 3:
Rush Daze shotgun build
Simple Full-Anti cannon-build 4:
2x barrier Any cabin build.
Simple Full-Anti cannon-build 5:
Goliaths in front blocking a lot cannon damage

Just some examples in place, tho i seen some cannons like executioners seems broken since they shoot though barriers.

Please note, by design cannons are anti-structural-armor weapon, you cant expect counter it with only structural parts.

Same like you cant counter destructor with just cabin-tanking.

[quote=“Babuskae, post:1, topic:13102”]
They “sold” the new mechanics as a way to nerf who ever used flimsy screens as armour to protect them against the bad big cannon shells.[/quote]

No. Devs clearly stated it was not for this reason. It did effect this type of build, but the patch was NEVER intended to do away with spaced armor. Ever.

I suggest, like all of us, give it a month or two. For one thing, with the cannon change, many are on the FOMO kick and you will face less cannons over time as it wears off.

Looks like you have a great base to build on heading into this new chapter of XO where spaced armor is “less better”. (doesn’t mean it stopped being efficient)

Not anymore. Each faction has its own perks/resistance.

Agreed :100: