The new brawl is proof that people have farts instead of brains

in “deadly ritual” If you get 40 xp then sd twice you will get at least 30 scrap and 30 tricktreat things , at best 50 / 50 of each. whatever the duration of the game.
I need someone to explain me why all people don t SD once they get 40 xp , get their reward in 30 seconds , then can get a new game etc . instead they run in circles for 7 minutes for the same amount of reward.
With a reward time ratio which is 10/ 1 , meaning they could get 10 times the reward for the same amount of time.
Are people out of the concept of base mathematics , or is crossout playerbase composed of people who skipped said base maths courses?

Probably because they are trying not to exploit the game and just want to play the game. As generally the people that choose to exploit the game wreck it for everyone else.


I mean, hopefully most players enjoy playing the game, so why wouldn’t they want to maximize their playtime?
Quitting early means more time waiting
for matches and less time playing. Not ideal for me.


for it to work , all people from lobby should sd , so the lobby is naturally closed , and everyone get a reward.
@hamster : gonna make a parallal for you to understand my point of view.
you can make a nice leisurly walk (the game) and every 10 kilometers of walk you get a nice big jug of water (the reward) , but for some reason the rules are designed so you get your water every 100 kilometers of walking instead of 10 . i m wondering how long you will accept to walk before you realize you might be getting scammed somewhere. No water : no walking. Hence maximizing reward/time ratio is the base logical step in a grinding game like crossout.

Tell us you don’t enjoy the game without telling us


@suppurax That’s how they end up lowering rewards in events. Do you understand that?

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absolutely . but since whatever we do the devs will lower any reward (who was abusing invasions?) it’s just good business.

Did you see what they did to the chase bp when people abused that?

banning people would have been the sensible thing to do (1 week warning shots)

they preferred to punish everyone

yes banning people would be sensible lmao, bro you’re clueless

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Ok, but in that scenario, we are walking for fun, because that’s our hobby. And we are already carrying enough water that we don’t need to be collecting any water along our walk to enable us to keep walking.
So if we enjoy walking, it really doesn’t matter much how often we get some free water.

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I can only see 1 person who has huffed so much of his eude de asse that his brain must have rotted out and luckily it looks like most of the players are not like him since he has to complain about it, gives me some hope for the game