The new CW maps

Going to mention the ones I played so far.

Bridge You added one ramp on each side because we didn’t have enough options, wth did you make the bridge destructible? 3/10

Nameless tower hovertart plain with no cover, 1/10

Fortress hovertart plain with no cover, 1/10

Quarry Great cover and layout, but the spawn is a free Heather/Mandrake slaughter lol. 7/10

opinions on the new maps?

I’m a simple man, I know bridge can go boom, I make bridge go boom!

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fair point…

but the map played better before U_U

Yeah not everyone likes the change, but enough people asked for map destruction that the devs obliged, be it the little cars and scenery to now a major map object/terrain. I wouldn’t mind more like possible chunks of buildings being able to get shot off!