The new generator and a bit more

so who here is wanting a nuke strapped to their cars? xD
seriously thats an awful generator to have. hit one thing and your entire builds gone. ill stick to my apollo thanks.


im sad the snows gone, i really liked the weather effects for it and really wish it didnt have to go till next winter.
sadly i dont think ill ever get to play on the newer maps due to me not being a pvp player. would be nice seeing it in the bedlam rotation though.


as for the parts i kinda like the new fire resistant tracks but eh… im not a track person, maybe theyll rub off on me ya never know.
the machine guns look decent to and i plan on trying them.
the cabins are meh i suppose. i wonder how that one cabin will do with arbiters.
for the garage decor parts i dont have enymore room in my garage so can the devs give us more garage points to work with? it really screwed me over when they switched the cement blocks from 1 point to 2 points. now im severely over the limit.

knowing this there may be a pack released with a new garage to. im unsure tbh but its likely. still i was hoping for a little more then a pvp map, maybe a new mode or something but eh…
guess i just gotta keep doing what i been doing for a half a year longer possibly. dailys, pve and out for the day.

as for the lighters though i plan on saving some up to get some fused weapons. i cant wait to see what they have for a fusion trade in there. im kind of hoping for an apollo trade in there but who knows. we only seen a few so we will see when it gets there.

what were you all hoping for in the update?

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My Lance build is going to love that generator

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if you can hit it.

Ok, let me try that again.

I’m going to love to use that generator on my Lance build. The extra weight will be nice.


You don’t want a smaller and lighter Apollo?
It’s easier to conceal beneath the extra armour you can put on it in any type of build you can choose.
Man, i run a gasgen on my heavy build and it has more durability than an Apollo and bootstrap combined, to get to it you have to dig deep, you have to bypass a lot of high durability parts starting with two major train plows, either way, once you get there, there’s no more reasons to me keep fighting cause I’m nothing more than a burning cabin at that point once the plows, an home made armoured belt (second line of defence ) and modules, engines are gone.
For me, nothing will change except you will to dig even deeper to reach it and bypass more parts, the higher on durability i have left. with this new gen.

The new tracks don’t excite me cause one small nuance… they have less durability ( i imagine in comparison to hardened tracks)…so there’s that.

I’m expecting a legendary Spitfire.

I’m thinking the cooler cabin with the new tracks and a bunch of gremlins might be fun.

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Under mounting them between those lifted tracks will probably put them at the sweet spot in height to do really good damage.


What’s going to be real sad to see, is all the n00b 11k PS isotope green tracked vans with a legendary drone cab, an instakill bomb strapped on them, and 4 mismatched MGs and ACs :pleading_face:

Let me just build a 11k PS gen-popper build quickly. Where are my Snowfalls? :rofl:


Yongwang will shred through those builds. Just roll a volley between the tracks, watch for the mushroom cloud.
On that note, I hope the new gen has an explosion animation to suit the power of the blast. I want mushroom clouds!

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That was so me 4 years ago! LOL

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For some reason I stuck to quad chords for way longer than most people. I still got a ridiculous amount of common MG badges xD

to be fair, strapping 2 Vectors and some armor parts on a huntsman would send you straight to dual Cauc Goliaths and single Scorp hover territory back then >.>

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Man, I still run quad sledghammers all the time. It’s one of my fave builds. Granted, they’re fused, but whatever. Fast brutal matches are great, and that’s what makes lower PS builds so much fun.

I just wish I’d realized earlier that having a build using all the same weapon was OP compared to mismatched ones.

That’s part of what I find alluring about this battle pass. You should be able to get 3 of either of those guns… maybe even 4. That’ll max out your build. You couldn’t do that nearly as easily with the previous battlepasses.

Back in my rare days, I played little boys for the longest time. Tried them again recently, and they’re still lots of fun, despite the nerfs.

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Maybe the perk of my Rippers will be useful if enough people switches to Thor and bottom mounts it.


I think that this new generator is highly suspect. I will believe it is useful when I see it.


It will be useful for me mostly for appearance and handling.
I often choose bootstrap or other generators over Apollo because of how much space it takes up.
I used gas gen for a long time, but it simply doesn’t have enough durability to survive. This one has enough durability for me, although I know I’ll probably be running that anti-Kapkan module a lot, as getting trapped will be a death sentence.
I have no idea if it will have uses in CW, but I imagine some snipers and some dogs will choose it.

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If there’s a part that need the buff-love, it’s the ripper. I’ve never encountered it being useful. Ever. What’s sad is the idea of the weapon sounds amazing. In practice… it gets wasted by blues.

Maybe put the new generator on the front of your build on a pole and use it as a Lance. Then you can put four lances next to it to make sure that it goes off.


Yikes that’s a scary idea. Maybe strap on some fuel barrels and ammo too for good measure.

Now I want to make the most ridiculous nuke lance build I can. Maybe put it on a werewolf for the double tap after I nuke myself.


Yes. Crossout Shennanigans will abound with this. This explosion had better not disappoint. I’m thinking of something that makes a triple Fortune volley look tame.