The New Meta

Double energy cost for almost all parts, except cheap coolers and radiators.
Melee weapons cost more now (thank god and devs)
12 point medium and heavy cabs now giving 23 and 22 energy points.

Can you see the new meta? its light cabs with 24 energy points with half price coolers in this new system.
Hitscan Heaven for all the piercers, machinegun and shotgun builds.

The new reloader might help cannons a lot. I can see a few builds that will become significantly scarier with it.

I’m not predicting the next metas until I see how things are playing out on the wasteland. A lot of big changes, and some intriguing new parts.

I saw in a video a fat man with a reload of 0.48 secs, there isn’t a part or a combination of parts capable of withstand that for a prolonged amount of time.


I think they are really pushing yeti and fast builds, but there is a work around, a simple solution to less energy, which is giving up a weapon.
yesterday i took off the gen and a weapon and it worked.
I met a borer truck with a skinner that harpoon me and he flipped over above me… it was hilarious


Fatuns are very expensive, are they dropping prices or stay that way? I have the money to buy them but i also wanted to try out King mines in an armoured wedge/ ramp build, so i’m hesitant

they are also very expensive energy wise

As opposed to the old meta that was…hitscan heaven as well
I don’t think the meta will shift into any other direction, dps weapons will still outclass everything that reloads, hammerfalls cyclones arbiters etc etc will still be the best things ever and the 80% of all guns that just suck will still suck and get slapped around by a meta build spamming bullets

Only shift I see is Narwhal joining the meta guns and being the only viable cannon, and Lucifer possibly being the only viable rocket launcher but it’s just gonna be the same dps brainrot bullet spam shit we’ve been tired of like 2 years ago while everything else struggles to do much anything

After 5 minutes looking at all the parts energy cost on the market i made this topic.

Now 1 day later the gerrida synthesis builds are almost gone.
The melee borer, buzzsaw, lacerator, chainsaw builds are almost gone.
Because of the energy nerf to medium and heavy cabs alot of cannon builds are also gone.
And because of the new energy system making radiators and coolers 50% cheaper.
Now we have games with alot cloaking piercer and shotgun guys.

Im seeing alot more wedge shotgun builds now, with the shotguns firing twice as much, and also seeing 4 piercer builds at 6k that act like miniguns, nonstop firing for 10 seconds straight.

What PS range are you seeing this at?

Or did you play at multiple PS ranges?


Lucifer sucks so don’t worry about that. I did start seeing a lot of Hadron king Narwhals, such a power creep cannon.

So far I don’t see much of a change in the meta, shotgun bricks became shotgun wedges but it’s still just mostly shotguns, miniguns and machine guns. It’s been mostly shotguns, miniguns and machine guns for so long now, with the devs sometimes adding 1 weapon from a random type to be viable, like cyclone/starfall for autocannons, and now narwhals for cannons, and then calling it a day for that whole category of weapons.

Lot less incinerators because we did not shit and piss and shit ourselves over Jotun so they had to nerf the incinerator so people like Jotun because apparently people are supposed to think Jotun is the best thing since sliced bread and instantly forget incis exist because of glorious sweet sweet Jotun, but honestly Incinerators are still pretty good, I’m still using an incinerator build and it still works fine, in fact at times it feels stronger than before and I can stand in my own puddle for longer now, usually outlasting most builds at least to the point of taking away their movement parts if not full kill

Its all finwhale buggywheels now.

Im glad you noticed.

Shotguns, machineguns, piercers, miniguns have always gotten priority damage from the devs in the last 9 years.
They spend money for programmers to create all these new weapons over the years.
With some of them having a spotlight for 6 to 12 months until they are nerfed.
And it always comes back to the shotgun, machinegun, piercers, miniguns hitscan weapons.

Is it some kind of marketing strategy to introduce new weapons that are part of a pack for people to buy, give them their 6 months of fame and then nerf them to get back to the cancerous cloak wedge hitscan game?.
Or is it that the person in charge of game balance just really likes tiny bullets destroying big tanks in seconds?.