The new raid

i managed to get to wave 8 and only got 30 scrap and 7 plastic… what?
those rewards are laughably bad!
lets do the math
8 waves, 30 scrap, 7 plastic
thats 3.75 scrap per wave
less then 1 plastic per wave
… how the flying hell is this acceptable by any means!? we got more rewards from the winter mayhem pve event then we did this! common devs are you being serious about these awful rewards?


yup thats why i don’t play it…

what’s the point…nothing to get,why bother playing it. :thinking:

i only played it to try it out, i wanted to see how it was.

yep im not playing it, its disgraceful to see the rewards being that low. looks like i dont have a reason to come back in and play outside the dailies and whatnot. unless they update the rewards.

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I like the format of these endless waves special raids. So even if the rewards aren’t great, I’ll always play a bit of them, and see how far I can get.

I don’t love PVE though, so the novelty wears off relatively quickly.