The new wheels / weapon

so what do you all think of the Atom roller wheels? i think its an interesting concept. the fact they negate damage is pretty cool. i seen a guy running around inbedlam with 10 of those things… lol.
still 400 durability seems fair, given they have an ability to negate damage from projectiles. they function like omnis but i thought they were going to be alot bigger then what they were. i thought they were going to be about as big as bigfoots. but i mean, smaller is nice to. i can imagine a legendary version of them though thats about as big as bigfoots. not saying itll happen but the idea of those roller wheels is quite interesting. if there was a legendary version id give them melee capabilities, making it so if you climb up onto someone itll crush them and deal damage to parts.

the new weapon Acari is pretty interesting to. on the damage meter it has no damage but it has 40 explosion damage… 40… thats pretty laughable ngl. but it is an interesting weapon nonetheless. i like that it does damage to parts and not the cabin itself… but then again that might be an issue using it for raids. i guess its a support type weapon. it can do incredible amounts of damage though depending on the parts and the part it hits. very interesting i gotta say.

what do you all think?

They are already talking about it here

The wheels are nice as I said before in another post.

The weapon I’m not that impressed with especially the ammo count. I can picture a few combos with it though.

Wheels are just omni 2.0

Gun looks amazing on paper and looking at numbers, but in practice does not really make much of a difference, you can use an acari to weaken an enemy, and then blast weakened parts off with another gun, or just forget about the acari all together and use two blasting guns and blast off parts as fast as you would have with first weakening the overall build with acari, sometimes even faster.

Does not deal damage long enough to be a proper hit and run or hit and hide weapon, blast is too weak

it looks like the wheels ability activates at approximately 200 - 250m distance travelled. id say its more close to 250. and i think they dont stop immediately like omnis because they are magnets and cant stop suddenly like omnis can.

true, i think it might just be a raid build. i can see it being for raids exclusively.

I’d agree with the distance. They stop pretty fast if you use the opposite direction keys but they do roll for a while if you don’t.

I wonder if you shoved a few Bigfoot wheels in the build if they would charge faster.

I haven’t played with them. So I don’t know the heights and all. And I don’t know if it would even be an advantage.

Just trying to think of parts to combo the perks.

buggy wheels do speed it up a bit and 2 of them speed them up taking off about 100m off the charge time.
the funny thing is… bigfoots have no effect on the wheels at all. the only ones that effect them are buggy wheels.


Isn’t that backward though?

I was thinking buggy wheels at first, but the are speed and Bigfoots are distance.

Forgive me if I misunderstood the perk of the new wheel. I have not seen them in game yet.

I like the concept, and their artwork is spectacular, as always. This is good sci-fi.

As for the specifications and performance of the new items, IDK. I’m sure Monkey will figure out how to abuse them, if there is a way, and send them back to the developers broken in no time. If he doesn’t, somebody else will, but I bet he’s already figured it out.


I’m working on it :slight_smile:

I’ll have to see if I can get some on the market.

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im thinking it has to do with height. bigfoots are huge and buggy wheels are about the same height as atoms.
so i did a little experiment.
this is in the assult force garage.
i also want to note that this is the middle of the garage spot where you spawn in your car in test driving in your garage. so distances are based off that.
2 buggy wheels with 4 atoms = charges at EXACTLY 50m
4 buggy wheels 4 atoms = charges fully about 2 cars lengths from 50m
0 buggy wheels 4 atoms = charges about 1 cars length away from 100m

4 buggy wheels, 4 bigfoots, 4 atoms = full charge at exactly 50m

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The new wheels aren’t based on distance but on time spent proportional with max speed (my engrish, but you get it). I guess Buggy wheels lower the speed needed for 100% charge below the max.

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wrong. i did an experiment on that as well. i did my build driving as slow as it can for up to 100m. then i did my build driving as fast as it can for 100m. both results came out the same. it doesnt matter what speed your traveling it has a max distance of 250m before it charges.

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Well, if you drive 1h à 100kmh (100% charge) or 10h at 10kmh (10% charge), the result is the same. Doesn’t mean distance is neccessarily what’s used in the calculations.


This is great info.

Gets my brain thinking already.

I’ll also do some testing when I get some.

Thank you!

buggy wheels description:
reduces the speed requirements for bonus activation by up to 40%. the limit depends on the share of buggy wheels among the mounted movement parts.

bigfoot wheels description:
reduces the distance required for bonus activation by up to 50%. the limit depends on the share of bigfoot wheels among the mounted movement parts.

so i guess yeah you were right the buggy wheels lower the speed needed for a full charge. but… idk it seems weird to me. because without them you charge near 100m but with them its 50m or less. maybe im thinking to much into it… my brain hurts :rofl:

i can already hear you cocking the gun. and by gun i mean the wheels, and by the wheels i mean atoms and getting them to charge faster and be as broken as possible :rofl:
but your welcome haha.



Acari is a p2w levi war weapon :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


You might be right there. (Messages clan)

It works fairly well against levi’s was shooting mine in the garage looking at the damage rates.