The next crossout update: first look

Hello, survivors!

Just a couple of weeks after the start of the major season “Polar lights” and the release of the eponymous update, we are ready to present you one more update, the main novelty of which will be a pleasant surprise for many players.

We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all.

Operation “Radiance”

We couldn’t help but notice that a lot of players really enjoyed taking part in the operation “Red light”. And among those who joined the Wasteland world later, there are many players who would like to play as a ravager.

We are pleased to announce that the operation “Radiance”, which is a continuation and an improved version of the “Red light”, will start in Crossout in a week! It will include everything that you love about this mode, as well as a number of improvements.

New map “Northern path”

Specifically for the operation “Radiance” we have created a new location “Northern path”, which is perfect for a fast and intense chase, where the survivors must not only complete their tasks, but also confront the ravager players.

On this location, narrow roads with explosive obstacles and cliffs coexist with fairly wide areas covered with ice and affecting the manoeuvring of armoured cars. Try to break away from the ravager chasing you, while simultaneously coping with drifts and dodging the fire of enemy turrets — you will definitely get a good portion of adrenaline!

There are dangers lurking around every corner. Be careful, but stay sharp — any second of confusion and lack of coordinated team actions and you will be infected by the ravagers. The cars of the ravagers are equipped with “Argus” modules and that means that you won’t be able to hold them off with mines for a long time. But the survivors will also have a trick up their sleeve: don’t forget that destroying the ravager visors will temporarily disable the machines.

Various improvements

  • We have prepared quite different blueprints of ravagers, which will be given to players randomly each time after destruction. At the very start of the event, 4 blueprints will be available to you. As you move up the scale of rewards, their number will increase.
  • We decided to extend the PS scale for armoured cars of survivors. Now cars from 2000 to 10000 PS will be able to take part in the brawl.
  • For the ravager players, a new effect will now accompany you while you are controlling a car.

Operation «Radiance» pass

A special reward scale will be available during the event. Some of the rewards will be available only to owners of a special pass. The rewards include:

  • In-game coins;
  • New CK;
  • A car which parts and blueprint will remain with the owner permanently;
  • Produced parts;
  • The ability to produce some parts, the production of which is not available on the common factional workbenches ;
  • New blueprints of ravagers’ cars;
  • A number of other nice things.

Other changes

New world map

With the next update, the familiar world map, accessible by the “Select mode” button, will be completely transformed. On the new map you will be able to see all the areas of the Wasteland that are known at the moment.
The mode selection interface will also be changed and will become more intuitive and convenient. The section will have a clear structure, and you won’t have to search for the desired mode on the map.


Among the small but important changes for the players, we would like to highlight:

  • Part search filter, active by default.
  • PS of the armoured car will be displayed on a special card, without any need to enter the blueprint display.

The “Operation Radiance” update is scheduled for next week. Stay tuned, survivors!

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Was hoping this event would give us more lighters, but doesn’t sound like it.
Oh well, happy about the return of Red Light, and hoping the parts sorting thing works well.


I look forward to playing the new game mode. Operation Red light was so much fun.


Glad it is not a pay event :roll_eyes: - I hope they add a balance update with this too

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It’s a pay event they mention it pretty explicitly:


Hamster I am begining to doubt your reading comp.

SOME of the rewards will be available only to the owners of the special pass”

like all other smaller passes this tends to mean a few items or special skins in the event.

Do you not normally get special passes by paying?

It’s kind of like the Mr. Twister event. Some of the rewards are unlocked by buying the BP. I have no interest in buying it. I just hope the game mode is as fun(or more) as Operation: Red Light.


Who wants to bet there will be AC-62 Therm and other “select” blue prints… Edit: behind the paywall of course.


That wouldn’t surprise me at all.

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Stop with the stupid mini battle passes.
Not only is an egregiously greedy look, it’s just downright confusing and overwhelming to have TWO battle passes to level up. It was stupid with the steel championship event, it was stupid in the mr. twister event and it’s still stupid now.


umm… sorry but im not excited about this.
is this going to be permanent or just another timed event like usual?
the thing is… i want something we can do as a team. work with your team to get to a goal or work with your team to protect something. im so tired of getting timed events and heavily pvp focused crap.
events we liked get taken out only to be released again later.
example is the christmas event 2 years ago where we protect the truck, that was fun for me.
the dronepocalypse was fun for me to and i liked it alot, despite it being pvp focused it had a fun charm to it, plus it was fun racing around as a tiny little drone with a powerful cannon on your head.

i never bothered with the last event and especially with yet another mini battle pass inside an already ongoing battle pass. no thanks im out on this.

sorry but im just tired of the same thing every single year. lets face it, they havent put much into the game at all for the past few years except parts, a few new pvp maps and thats it. no new pve modes, no new things to make adventure mode more appealing, no new raids, nothing. nothing significant anyways. and now they do a battle pass within a battle pass? nah man im out.

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im pretty interested in seeing what they do with this , definitely needs a revamp

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Best news I’ve heard in a while…I think…

I can’t say I’m surprised.

I think I might. Partly because I’ve not done this…“primary(?)” Battle Pass, and mostly because I love the Ravagers and I’m glad to see the event return. I hope they don’t screw it up.

Meh…ya, maybe you’re right. It looks like they might of screwed it up already. It’s the Hustle.

I just hope it’s a qualified hustle.

These guys have been wrecking some stuff in this game lately, and I’m not going to be thrilled about them wrecking the Ravagers too, instead I’m going to be hopeful that it’s a positive thing. It could be cool…hopefully.

I hope it’s a solid deal. I’ll buy it if it is. It’s got potential, and I can’t wait to see it, but the layered passes are weird.

P.S. Thanks for making the post, Wolf.


Same, I hope this goes well. The Ravagers are a mysterious faction. I hope they add more lore to them soon.

I don’t like them either. I’ve been taking a break from the game. I’ll return to try out the new mode.

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Me too. It’s been several weeks, and the game still hasn’t been reinstalled.

I had a craptastrophe with a failed hard drive the other day. I’m back on line now (obviously), and I didn’t loose much data, but now that it’s handled, my computer is so clean and fresh it’s hard to want to install anything, including that sneaky anticheat crap. I found that thing’s files dug in pretty deep when I was clearing crap out, despite it supposedly being “uninstalled.” That’s not terribly unusual, but it does make me unhappy. I’m in no hurry to re-install, but if this event is as good as the last one, it’ll be enough to make it happen…probably.

They need a real win here at Crossout, and I’m hoping the Ravager event will be it.

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This. This is one of seldom good things that happened with this game. A radiance from above :wink:


I’m sorry to hear about that. I hope your hard drive does better.


This maybe a good win for the PvE players. They really needed one.

But PvE events don’t make the PvP players happy, so it will never be a complete “win” for Crossout as a whole.

I don’t remember any bots in Red Light. Am I misremembering?
Doesn’t it start with some humans already “infected”?

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