The number of legendary cabins about the factions

Now all factions except lunatics and founders have legendary cabin, syndicates and dawn childrens have two, great, we will have a third dawn childrens cabin soon.But when did the poor lunatics have their own legendary car cabin? :joy:(I won’t say Founders, because no later faction has four legendary weapons)


Yokozuna doesn’t count, it’s a completely useless piece of garbage that has been left to rot since its introduction.

But giving all the legendary items to DCs isn’t new. They have all the 4 energy gens, all the bubbles, a crapload of weapons, they’re about to get the only legendary engine so far…

a legendary cab for the lunatics? hmmm what could it do? Thinking on it, maybe it could be a Big Rig like the icebox or savior…and it could come with fuel barrels attached that, instead of providing fuel for a victory, it increases the explosive damage of a Self-Destruct.

The mechanics of overloading to increase weapon damage and heat or reduce durability are perfect for lunatics, as I’ve seen with some weapons on XO Mobile, such as our Aurora ck :joy: