The old voice system

In the old voice system we could issue general commands to our team, like defend, attack or watch out.
The new system just focuses on everyone telling the whole team to what they are going to do.
there are no general callouts anymore, except for great, thanks, i need help.
Are you that player that tracks your 7 other teammates on the minimap and the voice commands to what they are doing in realtime, while you are fighting the enemy yourself?, Congradulations, you have surpassed the human cognative abilities and must be an AI.

They were sick of my watch out! great! attack! movement. Lol. Glad they fixed it to better pinpoint enemies. Makes life easier instead of yell on mic saying get that guy!

I think it’s neat, don’t really use it, haven’t seen much use to it either, all info that comes from the new callouts is stuff I already saw on my minimap.

But it is really annoying when some guy dies and then proceeds to spam “ATTACK IN QUADRANT G5” repeatedly for the rest of the match while everyone is already in G5 and fighting the enemy

Hopefully your joking and your not “that guy”

Here is where you put a smile voice on in your head before reading. I’m honestly not trying to be a jerk, this is just a pet peeve of mine. (This is not directed at you personally)

Their is nothing worse then a random PvP guy trying to be all serious and trying to tell everyone what to do in voice chat in missions.

then they get pissed off because no one listened to them when they are the first to die or some dumb dude running around by himself on a drone build for the last 2 min. Of the match complaining he’s the only one left when they did nothing in the match except run their mouth.

Hahahahaha. Yeah you hear that alot.

Yeah I’m not a fan of new callout system.

its ok before the match starts…i will mark the map in yellow flags where the bots run and players,then i mark 1 green where im going…
after that if no one gets it,then it’s pretty much useless and i never use it,its just a distraction for players in a battle i can’t see…

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Doesn’t it make you wonder?
The way the Cabal turns everyone against each other so Uniting is out of the question.
The voice change in Crossout is a good example, everyone is now posting “me me me” “im doing this” or “im going here”, what ludicrous person would follow all these messages?
Instead of the old system where people could make Tactical Callouts to the team to protect or advance the game.
The new Decrepid system just encourages more “me me me” players and everybody who doesnt help the “me me me” players is a bad teamplayer, and will most like get reported for not helping.
All the while the powers that be, who want us to fight amongst ourselves instead of uniting are having a big laugh.